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Re: [thefixedstars] Occultations

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    Hullo Branka, Nice to hear from you. :) I have answered your questions after each one ... Yes we use the term conjunction in astrology with no regard for
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 7, 2005
      Hullo Branka,

      Nice to hear from you. :)

      I have answered your questions after each one

      > Now, I'm confused. I always thought that 'conjunct' refers to alignement
      > via
      > longitude (I'm talking planets here, not stars, but is there a
      > difference?).

      Yes we use the term conjunction in astrology with no regard for celestial

      > Am not sure if there's a separate term for the conjunction via latitude,
      > but
      > the declination conjunction has a term 'paralel', doesn't it?

      No a parallel exist when two planets are at the same declination - you can
      get this without the two planets being in a conjunction of ecliptical
      longitude - for example when planets are either side of the solstice
      positions one could be at 27 Gemini and the other at 5 Cancer and they could
      be at the same declination.

      > is a term 'occultation' out there to define the situation in which planet
      > is
      > not conjunct just in one of those systems of measurement, but is literarly
      > 'eclipsed' (occultation), then why would there be a need for another term?

      Yes occultation is a term for when one body blots out the other.

      We need another term in astrology because people say:

      "My Venus is conjunct Algol" ... If they say "my Venus is conjunct Mars" we
      accept that they are not taking latitude into consideration, but when they
      also apply this same thinking to stars it leads to a great deal of confusion
      in that people actually think that the star and the planet are in the same
      place (it does not cause too many problem if they think the planets are in
      the same place). By using the term alignment hopefully it will help
      astrologers to understand that there is more in the sky then just the

      Also we accept that astrology does not use its terms in the same way as
      astronomy. We use conjunctions and transits in a very different way to
      astronomers, and because we use conjunction so loosely (I do not think we
      need to use conjunction in its strict sense of the word) but what we do need
      therefore is a manner of talking about fixed star projections that does not
      place them in the same frame work as a planet to planet.

      I think I can safely say that most astrologers have a great deal of trouble
      having an awareness of the anything beyond the ecliptic, or indeed their two
      dimensional charts, therefore by using the term alignment for star planet
      combinations via projection then hopefully it will help to give them an
      awareness of the three dimensions of the starry sky.

      > I wasn't aware of this newsletter! Thanks for providing a link.
      > Most interesting "Gathering of Kings" article in February issue,
      > explaining
      > a rare alignement of planets and stars in the heavens, finishing by a sort
      > of prediction for the period Feb-June 2005:
      > "Will there be a Gathering of Kings?
      > Will there be a special meeting of the UN?
      > Will there be a gathering of the College of Cardinals in Rome due to the
      > death of the Pope?
      > Will a crown be handed to a Crown Prince, officially or unofficially?"
      > Not that there will be just a gathering of College Cardinals in Rome, but
      > Gathering of Kings for his funeral.

      Yes it is pretty exciting stuff and it also goes to show that by actually
      looking at the sky and considering just how bright a planet is and linking
      that to the whole sky story - the Moon at a large celestial latitude while
      in Cancer, therefore being able to rise higher in the sky then normal, AND
      therefore climbing over the top of Saturn which just happens to be doing a
      retro loop amongst the stars of Gemini (The king planet mixing with other
      kings). Then we get a celestial play unfolding, a story with actors and

      Now none of this can been seen from a horoscope, and indeed note with the
      above there are no stars involved (apart from the constellations) it is
      simply taking into account the visuals that are unfolding in the sky and
      then looking back through the writings of the Chaldean priest to see if they
      refer to the particular combinations and if so what do they say.

      This is why we put out the Visual Astrology Newsletter because in this
      post-modern world I think that it is time that astrology enhanced its
      horoscopic skills with a better awarness and knowledge of the sky.
      > > Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djinjdic, killed in March 2003, was born on
      > this very date, with Moon on Antares.

      I did not know that - thank you I have made a note of that point.

      > Most interesting stuff.
      > May I ask how can one produce such a list of star/planet occultations, or
      > even planet/planet occultations? Is it possible in SF?

      No you can't do it in SF - I have worked most of them out using Jigsaw - I
      scaned slaps of ephemeris for when the Moon was at certain zodiacal degrees
      as well as at a particular celestial latitude. Then I have reconstructed the
      possible occultations in Starlight to actually check the sky and see what
      locations on earth the occultation was visible. Starlight is my main tool
      for looking at sky motiffs, bright planets etc etc.. in the next issue of
      the Visual Astrology Newsletter Darrelyn is doing a peice on reading a
      person sky story - the sky story at the moment of their birth.

      Having done all of that work I have now found some software that does it for
      me - I am putting the link etc all in the newsletter.

      OK - I hope all this helps. I must now start my day.

      Bernadette Brady
      Astro Logos
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