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Current fixed star alignments of Benedict XVI (was Re: Markeb/Pope)

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... (with an ... markab, a ... name Argo; ... Argo, only ... Puppis in ... (memory aid - ... look on ... where ... body of ... 2006, add 22 ... musicians.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2006
      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > MissB sent
      > In a recent academic lecture, Pope Benedict XVI made statements that
      > have stirred up fiery controversy among some Muslims. The most
      > inflammatory of them was a quote of the medieval Byzantine emperor
      > Manuel II Paleologus, (http://www.roman-emperors.org/manuel2.htm)
      > whose dialogue with an educated Persian about reason and faith
      > Benedict was explaining in his speech. It seems clear to me that the
      > quote has been taken out of context, and that the pope was not
      > endorsing the idea that Muhammad was connected with anything "evil,"
      > but right now passions are a little too high for reason. Read an
      > English translation of the pope's speech and decide for yourself
      > where he stands, and if he really owes anyone an apology.
      > http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/benedict_xvi/speeches/2006/september
      > /documents/hf_ben-xvi_spe_20060912_university-regensburg_en.html
      > Okay, AStrologically speaking, so who took the words out of context?
      > and why? thoughts. Propaganda to irritate muslims would be beneficial
      > to whom? in this case could gain US more allies, but does it support
      > them or support extremists? (my thoughts being extremists, like KKK,
      > etc. like discord and will cause it in any fashion, even if it is
      > seemingly to their disadvantage. causing otherwise middle of the road
      > people to sway their opinions is how wars are won) and on the other
      > hand, many countries who may seem ambivilant towards the war, or
      > sitting on fence could also be swayed the other way because of the
      > violent backlash. Some people take exception to such uncivilized
      > behavior. what do the stars suggest, this is definitely a world
      > event.
      > Mercury is at 29 Virgo for this event, which is where the solar
      > eclipse is about to occur.
      > markeb is at just about 29 Virgo, Ann Wrights page gives
      > History of the star: Markeb or Markab is a star in the buckler of the
      > Ship, in Vela, the Sail, of Argo Navis. (Allen).
      > <snip>
      > ================
      > Ann Wright is confused here (and so is Allen), and no wonder!
      > According to Kunitzsch (THE authority on Arabic star names), Markab
      (with an
      > A) is Alpha Pegasi (from mankib al-faras, the Horse's shoulder "wrongly
      > transferred to Alpha Peg in late medieval times"; so Markab is now "the
      > saddle" of Pegasus.
      > For Markeb (with an E) Kunitzsch has "Evidently from the Arabic
      markab, "a
      > ship or vehicle" presumably standing for the Greek constallation
      name Argo;
      > However, the scientific Arabic sources do not mention markab for
      Argo, only
      > al-safina ("the Ship")...Markeb was applied as a star name to Rho
      Puppis in
      > medieval times, to Kappa Puppis in Renaissance times (Puppis=stern), and
      > finally to Kappa Velorum (Vela=sail) when Argo was divided into its four
      > modern constellations.
      > Anyway, I am following current usage: Markab for Alpha Pegasi
      (memory aid -
      > a saddle is like taking a cab) and Markeb for Kappa Velorum. If you
      look on
      > a star map, the star is "officially" in Vela but close to the border
      > it meets Carina, the Keel.
      > Which brings me to "buckler" - buckler (or bucker, or bucket) is the
      body of
      > the ship, therefore Carina...
      > Let's stick with Markab = Pegasus and Markeb = Argo, as Kunitzsch does.
      > From my Workbook (position 1980 - for 2000, add 17 minutes, for
      2006, add 22
      > minutes, so it's now 28 Virgo 59)
      > Long Lat Dec RA M Spec
      > Markeb Kappa Velorum in Argo Navis' sail 28VI37 -63 43 -54 55 9 22
      > 2.50 B2 IV
      > Eloquence, versatility, skilled use of words; great artists,
      musicians. High
      > level of intelligence, but not necessarily put to high use. Travel,
      > exploration, love of literature, music, poetry, art. Issues of bigotry,
      > intolerance; elitist, exclusionary, or fight against it. Take things to
      > extremes. Fires, natural disasters, famine, disease, aviation events and
      > crashes, venomous insect stings
      > MissB also sent:
      > Any other stars here?
      > From my book (positions 2000; for 2006 add 5 minutes)
      > Pin-Wheel Nebula M99 Gxy Coma Hair 28VI27 15 04 14 25 12 19 9.8
      > GX
      > Wild's Triplet in S wing of Virgin 28VI30 - 4 50 - 4 50 11 47
      > Cluster of Galaxies
      > Beta Crateris in base of Cup 28VI33 -25 38 -22 50 11 12 4.48 A2
      > III-IV
      > Lunar Mansions: a star of China's Yi, The Wing (see b1 Hydrae at 19
      > Markeb Kappa Velorum in Argo's sail 28VI54 -63 43 -55 01 9 22 2.50
      > B2 IV
      > Kappa Bo├Âtis Herdsman's raised left hand 29VI57 58 54 51 47 14
      > 13 4.40 A7 IV
      > 11 Virginis in Virgin's face 29VI59 6 20 5 48 12 10 5.72 A
      > Also here: Blazar PKS 1127-145 (a black hole at 28VI20) and Theta,
      > Lambda Crateris (28VI36, 29VI14, 28VI23) in Crater, Chi1 Hydrae
      (29VI20) in
      > the Water Snake (all stars of China's Yi, the Wing); 7 and 11 Virginis
      > (28VI32, 29VI59) in the Virgin's head and face; 31 Comae Berenices
      > in Berenice's Hair. Modern: 14 Canum Venaticorum (28VI22) in the Hunting
      > Dogs. This set spans 27VI57 to 0LI00.
      > Mundane: Natural disasters, some occurring suddenly with little or no
      > warning, famine, disease, fires, aviation events, air crashes, venomous
      > insect stings.
      > Wild's Triplet is a galaxy cluster close to the ecliptic - since most
      > galaxies harbor black holes, this is probably a cluster of black holes.
      > Crater stars often turn up at volcanic eruptions, so let's see.
      > Re: 11 Virginis - the last few degrees of tropical Virgo is also
      > Virgo, so this is a "true Virgo" area. In mythology, the Virgin was
      > Justicia, the only goddess who lived on Earth amid mortals - but she
      > couldn't stand their warring ways and flew away to the stars. So
      there are
      > a lot of war-or-peace issues played out under her stars.
      > On the Pope's chart (4 16 27, 4:15 AM, -1, Marktl Germany, 12 E 51,
      48 N 15)
      > this eclipse is hitting all over -
      > it falls in his 7th, opposes his Mercury cnj Asteroid Peter (Throne of
      > Peter) cnj Uranus cnj planet Eris (strife) conjunction (28 Pisces16 to1
      > Aries 01) in 1st, all on the World Axis, and it squares his
      Mars-NNode cnj
      > in 4th (29 Gemini-0 Cancer) and SNode in 10th, hits his 9th house
      Saturn on
      > the 22.5 axis, and trines his Venus (29 Taurus).
      > Whew!
      > I think he was deep into his scholarly lecture mode and in typically
      > fashion did not realize that that quote would be taken as his own
      > Aries naivete - happens to me all the time (I have a stellium in Aries)

      And some of the alignments to Benedict's secondary progressed planets
      (on this date) seem to be pointing in the direction where he is now,
      too (anger and violence brought on by tactless remarks creating a blot
      on his record):


      Mizar (Zeta Ursae Majoris)


      Alphard (Alpha Hydrae)
      Adhafera (Zeta Leonis)
      Al Jabhah (Eta Leonis)


      Acrab (Beta Scorpii)
      Isidis (Delta Scorpii)
      Yed Prior (Delta Ophiuchi)


      Han (Zeta Ophiuchi)
      Antares (Alpha Scorpii)


      Propus (Eta Geminorum)


      Khambalia (Lambda Virginis)

      North Node

      Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis)
      Polaris (Alpha Ursae Minoris)

      (these could indicate Benedict's role as head of the Catholic Church,
      whose history isn't exactly spotless--not to trash Catholicism)

      South Node

      Sinistra (Nu Ophiuchi)
      Acumen (M-7 Scorpii)

      Mark A. Holmes
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