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star positions; epochs

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Erik sent: Re: Cannibal attack Posted by: Erik erikpriest@yahoo.com erikpriest Date: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:20 am (PDT) Diana thank you for the data below. For
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      star positions; epochs

      Erik sent:

       Re: Cannibal attack
          Posted by: "Erik" erikpriest@... erikpriest
          Date: Sat Aug 19, 2006 10:20 am (PDT)

      Diana thank you for the data below.  For what year are they?

      Unless otherwise noted, all positions I send are epoch 2000.0
      (somethimes I use my Workbook, which was set for 1980 - I usually
      remember to mention that if I do)

      To precess correct, add 0 deg 0 min 50.23 secs a year as time
      progresses (rule of thumb: 5 mins of a degree every 6 years);
      going back in time, substract.

      If I am checking stars on a historical chart, I subract that chart's
      year from 2000, then multiply result by 50.23 secs, then add result to
      positions on historical chart and compare the result to my 2000 star list.

      Love, Diana

      PS: another interesting cannibalism "synchronicity":
      there's a new book - bio - "Miracle in the Andes" by Nando Parrado,
      a survivor of the famous 1972 plane crash in the Andes
      when those left alive had to resort to cannibalism to

      Those who promote cannibalism shall eat their own children.

      Giansar Lambda Draconis  in Dragon's tail       10LE20  57 14   69
      20   11 31   3.84    M0 III
      Blazar OJ 287 Cancri   in Crab's head   10LE33  2 36    20 36   8
      55    14.0v   QSO/BH
       Blazars (quasars visible at gamma ray energies) carry the most luminous, violent active galactic nuclei, emitting  radiation

       across the entire electromagnetic spectrum: OJ 287 is thought to consist of binary, supermassive black holes.
      Minchir Sigma Hydrae  Snake's nose      11LE13  -14 36  3 20    8
      39    4.44    K2 III
       Lunar Mansions: China: the Hydra's head formed Liu, The  Willow, portending tears and funeral services; willows, thought to ward off poisons, were symbols of  longevity, immortality and eternity, used at funerals as consolation to survivors. These stars also stood  for trees and plants and as the Celestial Kitchen or Larder, the preparation of festivals, banquets, and  summer thunder, rain. (part of the Beak of the ancient Great Red Bird, associated with fire and the Sun).

       India: Hydra's head was Aslesa "The Clinging" or "Embracing" ruled by Sarpas, deified Serpents:
       symbol: a coiled snake: Aslesa was associated with clinging, creeping, poison, embracing, sexual union. 

      Saturn of serial killer Ted Bundy (bit his victims), Ceres of cannibal Alfred Packer, Pluto of serial killer Arthur Shawcross (some biting, eating etc), Transpluto of Jeffrey Dahmer

      Really wild: Ceres at this attack 26 Aquar 32 rx, Dahmer natal Ceres
      26 Aquar 19!  (Ceres has to do with

      Kuh Mu Capricorni    near end of tail   25AQ50  - 0 41  -13 33  21
      53   5.08    F0 V
       In China, w/Lambda Cap, Kou, The Howling Dogs, dogs who crouched by the graves of their masters  uttering plaintive howls until they died; it represented lamentations for the dead (the state of Delaware,  where American war dead are flown in to Dover Air Force Base, has Saturn here) and

      Beta Piscis Austrini  gills, Southern Fish      27AQ11  -21 22  -32
      21  22 32   4.29    A0 V
      Triple Star NGC 7158  end, Sea-Gt's tail        27AQ26  0 49    -11
      36  21 57   -----   Triple

      Got to run - more later.

      Love, Diana

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