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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Beth sent: Re: Malus Posted by: msbhavens1 msbhavens1@yahoo.com msbhavens1 Date: Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:50 am (PDT) I wonder if that is because, not being
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      Beth sent:

      Re: Malus

          Posted by: "msbhavens1" msbhavens1@... msbhavens1

          Date: Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:50 am (PDT)

      I wonder if that is because, not being particularly knowledgable about ships, they (IAU)dont understand the weight and meaning of the mast?  even though there are a great many ships that are not powered by the wind, if you look into any marina, you will see them far outnumbered by sails.

      I think that they error greatly even if the opposite were true. if you look at the balance of a boat, the point where the mast would be in a ship, is the counter balance to the Keel. Speaking in terms of engineering, that would be an important point. For instance, there was a ship that rolled near the Allutians last week, A ship that rolls, deffinitely had a counter balance issue, and I'd expect to see an argo connection to mast and keel as its a question of balance. The Mast of a ship is like the Y axis on a 3 dimensional sphere and contols balance, list, etc...

      let me put this another way, the center of gravity of an object is usually found in or on an object, BUT not always on some vehicles it is located outside the vehicle. the Dodge Stealth for instance has a center of gravity located 20 feet bellow center. meaning it is damn near impossible to tip over. great for racing. now imagine the mast of a mastless ship... yup, still present... well I hope the analogy is understandable. I sometimes have a hard time explaining what I mean.


      Thank you, Beth.

      This is what I have in the book under Malus:

      A mast is a metaphor for the World Axis, the quiet unmoving center around which turbulence revolves, (like the pole star, around which the universe revolves). In the center of a ship it is an analogue of the cosmic Tree of Life, a vertical axis of communication between heaven and earth.

      (As for Pyxis, the Compass, the compass is a tool of the Navigator, who embodies spiritual guidance and will)

      Love, Diana

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