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Re: Scheat - Deodato

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  • govanderavi
    In my experiance the charts analysed and studied I have found scheat is asscoaited with intellectual persuits, a kind of fixation with intellectual
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 21, 2006
      In my experiance the charts analysed and studied I have found scheat
      is asscoaited with intellectual persuits, a kind of fixation with
      intellectual activities.Writting, studying , information collection,
      new subjects learning etc. It is definately a star asscoaited with
      intellectual persons.but to associate with insanity is difficult to
      understand. May be in one or two cases it may happen but across the
      group? I do agree that there is passionate association with
      intellectual activities.
      Ravi Govande In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K
      Rosenbe"<fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > I wrote
      > One thing that definitely comes up with Scheat is
      > > insanity (or simply emotional instability) and possible
      > > ailments.
      > >
      > > (One example, my father, with a Jupiter-SNode cnj aligned with
      > Scheat -
      > > he was severely manic-depressive (bi-polar); he died of ALS
      > > (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, aka motor neuron disease/Lou
      > > disease).
      > >
      > > On the positive side, there is often great literary and artistic
      > talent.
      > =================================
      > Mark wrote
      > Deodato is a prominent director. I'm not disputing that he has
      > talent.
      > I haven't heard anything about him having any kind of mental
      > or other neurological disorder, have you?
      > ============================
      > Sorry, I did not mean to imply Deodato was mentally ill - I looked
      > him up because he made that film about cannibals, so I figured he
      > might have pertinent degrees//stars on his nativity connected to
      > cannibalism
      > I was also just adding to what Bernadette wrote about Scheat; there
      > plenty of people with Scheat positions who are fine mentally - it's
      > just that a greater-than-average number of "mentally challenged"
      > turned up there. Four who come to mind is the "Beautiful Mind"
      > guy, mathematician John Nash (MC), premier danseur Vaslav Nijinsky
      > artist
      > Vincent Van Gogh (Venus)(both became insane), Herman Melville
      > (Pluto)(bi-polar)
      > The "insanity" vibe can manifest as obsession with horror - it was
      > Mercury of horror-film actor Lon Chaney
      > Of course on a chart it can represent someone in the environment who
      > is unstable, not necessarily the person him/herself.
      > And it is a determinant star of Lunar Mansion Purvabhadrapada:
      > Nakshatra Purvabhadrapada was considered favorable for "acts of
      > destruction, imprisonment; deceit, beating, burning, and poison:"
      ("born on
      > the lunar day: wicked, mean, deceitful, thieves, torturers,
      irreligious") -
      > this was the Sun of the French Revolution's radical terrorist
      > Jean-Baptiste Carrier, notorious for his "noyades" – mass drownings
      > (convicted of mass-murder, guillotined), of Nazi SS Lt Col Adolph
      > who hunted down Jews for extermination (hanged as a war criminal),
      > architect-minister of armaments and war production Albert Speer
      (used slave
      > labor - 20-year imprisonment) and Yusuf Hawkins, a 16-year-old
      black youth
      > killed by Bensenhurst, NY white youths, the Moon of serial sexual
      > of young men John Wayne Gacy and Satan-worshipping "night stalker"
      > killer, rapist and murderer Ricardo Ramirez, Mercury of a male child
      > molester, sentenced to a California state hospital for sex
      offenders, Saturn
      > of sadistic torture-murderer of young children Ian Brady and of on-
      > stock trader Nick Leeson who ruined Barings Bank, NNode of psychotic
      > attempted assassin Arthur Bremer, SNode of con artist Rita
      Faulkner, MC of
      > thief-murderer Harry Tracy (shot himself in the head rather than be
      > captured), the Sun at the deadly Japanese subway Sarin gas attack
      by the Aum
      > Shinrikyo cult in 1995, Venus at the start of the 1915 Turkish
      massacre of
      > Armenians, Saturn at the Rape of Nanjing that started in Dec, 1937:
      > troops brutally, bestially raped, tortured and horribly murdered
      > and citizens, including children; the carnage went on for weeks -
      > Japanese refused to stop "more died in Nanjing than in the atomic
      > of Hiroshima and Nagasaki," Pluto at the St Bartholomew's Eve
      Massacre of
      > the Huguenots, Paris 1572, the NNode when the US 7th Cavalry under
      Maj Gen'l
      > George Armstrong Custer rode out of Ft Lincoln in Dakota Territory
      to hunt
      > down Indians in 1876, the SNode at the March, 1997 Lunar Ecl, the
      > members of the end-times "Heaven's Gate" cult began their mass
      suicide by
      > poison at Rancho Santa Fe, CA.
      > But just look at some of the remarkable talents!
      > Pegasus brought forth the Hippocrene Spring of poetic inspiration:
      this was
      > the Sun of 8th-century (T'ang Dynasty) poet Po Chu-I known for
      > simple verse that he used to protest social evils, of 19th-century
      > poet Stephane Mallarmé, authors Irving Wallace, Philip Roth and
      > poet Wilfred Owen (killed at 35 in WWI), Moon of author Hermann
      > Mercury of 19th-century poet-critic Charles Baudelaire, Venus of
      > John O'Hara and Hans Christian Anderson, Mars of feminist author
      Simone de
      > Beauvoir, authors Jean Auel, Jack London (died at 39 of uremic
      > not suicide as reported) and 17th-century poet-Puritan-
      Parliamentarian John
      > Milton (became blind at 42), Mars, Jupiter and SNode of journalist-
      > William L Shirer, Jupiter of 19th-century journalist-editor-
      > author-translator-poet Edwin Arnold, author Saul Bellow and 18th-
      > poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Saturn of author E M Forster,
      > author-playwright Lillian Hellman and science fiction author Robert
      > Heinlein, Uranus of poets Robert Burns (18th-century), Allen
      Ginsberg and
      > authors Harper Lee and John Knowles, Neptune of physician Sir
      Arthur Conan
      > Doyle (author of the Sherlock Holmes stories), Pluto of 19th-
      century authors
      > Emily Bronte ("Wuthering Heights") (died at 30 of tuberculosis),
      > Flaubert, Herman Melville ("Moby Dick" – Cetus!) (manic-
      depressive), poet
      > Walt Whitman and 19th-century cookbook author-chef Pellegrino
      Artusi, NNode
      > of humorist James Thurber (a phenomenal memory, blind in left eye
      > childhood accident, completely blind by 40), multi-lingual author-
      > writer Eleanor Clark (became blind), futurist Robert Anton Wilson
      (polio and
      > post-polio syndrome), author Umberto Eco and journalist Dorothy
      > SNode of authors Kurt Vonnegut, André Maurois and poet laureate
      > Day-Lewis, translator of Virgil, MC of lyricist Oscar Hammerstein
      II. This
      > was Pluto of feminist-reformer Julia Ward Howe, who, in 1861, after
      > Union soldiers singing "John Brown's Body," awoke the next morning
      > verses "arranging themselves in my brain" to the music - this
      was "The
      > Battle Hymn of the Republic," a rallying hymn for the Union cause
      in the US
      > Civil War, Uranus when Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" was published
      in London,
      > 1843
      > And that's just the literary paragraph!
      > Love, Diana
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