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Current fixed star conjunctions

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Jupiter conjunct Algorab (Delta Corvi) Saturn conjunct Castor (Alpha Geminorum) Uranus conjunct Skat (Delta Aquarii) Neptune conjunct Sualocin (Alpha Delphini)
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2005
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      Jupiter conjunct Algorab (Delta Corvi)
      Saturn conjunct Castor (Alpha Geminorum)
      Uranus conjunct Skat (Delta Aquarii)
      Neptune conjunct Sualocin (Alpha Delphini)
      Pluto conjunct Lesath (Upsilon Scorpii)

      North Node conjunct Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)
      South Node conjunct Foramen (Eta Carinae)

      Vesta conjunct Sharatan (Beta Arietis)

      Chiron conjunct Altair (Alpha Aquilae)


      Saturn conjunct Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris) and Muliphein (Gamma
      Canis Majoris)
      (Canis Major = loyal, acting in defense, ugly passions, fear of the
      night or of darkness [?]; Adhara = adored, honored [like Terri
      Schiavo, the victims of the Minnesota school shooting, Michael Jackson
      (by some) or the Pope]; Muliphein = "the two causing dispute and the
      swearing of an oath" [Steve Gibson])

      Pluto conjunct Alpha Mensae, Kelb Alrai (Beta Ophiuchi), Grumium (Xi
      Draconis) and Beta Arae
      (we were talking about Ara a while ago, there's a connection with
      church matters there; also about Ophiuchus, the Snake Handler [= like
      trying to pry a constrictor off somebody (?)]. Kelb Alrai has been
      said to mean "the shepherd's dog." [Michael Jackson's aides?]
      Grumium marks the underside of Draco's jaw [where a man's beard would
      be]. Beards = getting old, maturity; pulling one's beard = a brazen
      Mensa = like climbing a mountain [?])

      Mars conjunct Alpha Tucanae
      (unselfish, kind, active [Robson]; "nosy" people [the toucan has a big
      "nose" or bill][?])

      Ceres conjunct Arrakis (Mu Draconis) and Men (Alpha Lupi)
      (Lupus = like some say wolves are supposed to be, wanting to grab
      something any way they can[?]. Arrakis's name can be translated as
      "the dancer" [Michael Jackson? Michael Schiavo, who says he wants to
      protect his wife's dignity?]).

      Pallas conjunct Alpha Sextantis
      (Sextans = keeping things in order, making sure people know what to do
      or what course to take [e.g., Living Wills][?])

      Juno conjunct Matar (Eta Pegasi), Sadalbari (Mu Pegasi) and Zeta Reticuli
      (Pegasus = trying to fly too high [?]. Matar means "the fortunate
      rain." Sadalbari has been said to mean "the good luck of the camel
      trying to get to pasture." Reticulum = confined, reticent, tenacious
      [to paraphrase Robson])

      Vesta conjunct Alpha Fornacis
      (Fornax = something being forged[?])

      Seems appropriate, given all the recent activity on the part of
      religious conservatives, especially in the Terri Schiavo case, which
      many see as intrusive, opportunistic and hypocritical.

      Also, Juno = civil rights, the disadvantaged. Some say
      extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli have visited Earth. Maybe Zeta
      Reticuli adds a touch of the exotic, remote or unfamiliar to the
      meaning of Reticulum? (I'm talking about the recent school shooting on
      the Red Lake Indian reservation in northern Minnesota.) The Red Lake
      Chippewa have been praised for pulling together in the face of the
      tragedy that has befallen them, unlike Terri Schiavo's family. (Matar:
      "The fortunate rain.")

      Also, at noon CDT today:

      Sun and Venus conjunct Alpheratz (Gamma Andromedae)

      Pallas conjunct Markeb (Kappa Velorum)

      The spotlight is on the Vatican, where now a new Pope must be chosen.

      Mark A. Holmes
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