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Nyx and Ara, the Altar

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    ... NYX & THE CONSTELLATION ALTAR ... From my book: ARA, THE ALTAR Shall I ask the brave soldier, who fights by my side In the cause of mankind, if our
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 31, 2005
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      > Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 01:26:03 +0100
      > From: "Astrocalypse" <astrocalypse@...>
      >Subject: Nyx and the Constellations Altar

      Cal wrote:

      >Found this article whilst looking for other things. Think
      >you'd love it (if you hadn't seen it already).


      >"The [constellation] Altar even beyond aught else hath
      >ancient Nyx (Night), weeping the woe of men, set to be a
      >mighty sign of storm at sea. For ships in trouble pain her
      >heart, and other signs in other quarters she kindles in sorrow
      >for mariners, storm-buffeted at sea. Wherefore I bid thee
      >pray, when in the open sea, that that constellation wrapt in
      >clouds appear not amidst the others in the heavens, herself
      >unclouded and resplendent but banked above with billowing
      >clouds, as often it is beset when the autumn wind drives them
      >back For often Nyx herself reveals this sign, also, for the
      >South Wind in her kindness to toiling sailors. If they heed
      >her favouring signs . Nyx kindles like signs of storm upon the
      >gleaming Altar." - Phaenomena 405

      From my book:


      Shall I ask the brave soldier, who fights by my side
      In the cause of mankind, if our creeds agree?
      Shall I give up the friend I have valued and tried,
      If he kneel not before the same altar with me?
      -Thomas Moore, Come, Send Round the Wine

      The great world's altar-stairs,
      That slope through darkness up to God.
      -Tennyson, In Memorium

      A small surviving fragment of an Euphratean planisphere
      discovered in the ruins of Sennacherib's palace lists a
      constellation in the area of the Archer and the Scorpion
      called in Sumero-Akkadian Kisal-Bat-Ala, in
      Babylonian-Assyrian Kisallu-Iabiru,
      "The-Ancient-Altar-Below;" the Phoenicians had it as
      Mizbaiach. This is Ara, the altar toward which Centaurus
      carries Lupus, usually depicted in an inverted position,
      with its flame to the south. In Greek mythology the Altar
      was Thyterion; when the gods of Olympus defeated the Titans
      (offspring of Ouranos and Mother Earth), they needed an
      altar upon which they would swear allegiance to Zeus
      (Jupiter); a great starry platform was built, filled with
      aromatic incense; its smoke was the Milky Way (though the
      myth of Herakles has it that the Milky Way was the milk of

      Aratus: That Altar hath ancient Night, weeping the woe of
      men, set to be a mighty sign of storm at sea. Her heart
      kindles in sorrow for storm-buffeted mariners and their
      ships. [Centaurus] seems to stretch his right hand towards
      the Altar but through his hand is drawn and firmly grasped
      another sign (Lupus) [Hipparchus corrects this: between his
      right hand and the Altar lies all of the Beast (Lupus) and
      most of the Scorpion].
      Ptolemy: stars in Ara are like Venus, and to a lesser
      degree, Mercury.
      Manilius: Heaven has a temple of its own, the Altar bearing
      stars in the image of incense-flame. On this in ages past
      the monstrous armed Giants, deformed creatures of unnatural
      face and shape whom Earth in rage bore forth, vowed
      destruction against the skies before they fell; then even
      the gods sought aid of mighty gods. Jupiter saw earth rising
      up, nature overthrown, mountains piled on lofty mountains,
      stars retreating, nor did the gods know whether anyone could
      inflict death upon them, whether forces existed greater than
      their own. Then Jupiter set up the constellation of the
      Altar of the gods, which at Olympus pays its vows. Such
      risings will shape those enrolled in the third order of
      service (priests, sacristans and temple-freedmen), those who
      worship in sacred song and those who, all but gods
      themselves, have power to read the future.

      An altar symbolizes the spiritual center of the world (it is
      interesting that Ara is in the immediate area of the
      Galactic Center). It is the place of the divine presence,
      thanksgiving, and can be a sanctuary, a place of protection
      and refuge. As a raised place for sacrifices and sacred acts
      embodying height and ascent, (fire is the ascending way to
      the higher world, passing from death to immortality, from
      darkness to light); it is a place of integration: the
      sacrifice on the altar restores original unity; oriented
      towards the East and sunrise, it symbolizes ever-new

      Under Zeta and Epsilon Arae (17-20 Sag) I have:

      There are 4 black holes here (engendering storms) and
      according to Aratus, Ara was "set to be a mighty sign of
      storm at sea:" there was a Solar Ecl here in Dec 1703 at the
      peak of a savage hurricane that devastated England and her
      fleet: thousands of buildings were destroyed along with 300
      ships, and 30,000 sailors lost - "no anchor would hold," and
      this was the Sun at the Lunar Ecl 2 days before the US Great
      Nor'easter of Dec, 1992. The Moon was here at the coldest
      temperature ever recorded in New York City, 15ยบ below zero
      F, in 1934, and in May, 1999 when tornadoes hit Oklahoma and
      Kansas, one of them a mile-wide F-5 monster that tore
      through communities around Oklahoma City leaving a 3-mile
      path of destruction and killing 45: doppler radar clocked
      winds of 318 mph, the highest ever recorded; Mercury was
      here at the great Florence flood of 1333, Venus in 1274 when
      a Kamikaze ("Divine Wind") wrecked Kubilai Khan's huge fleet
      and army invading Japan, Mars of the "Great Snow of 1717"
      that buried Boston in 36" and 60" to the north that halted all
      travel for 2 weeks, Saturn at the Winter Solstice of 1898
      heralding a series of ferocious hurricanes and gales with
      mountainous seas that swept the N Atlantic and caused havoc
      with shipping; Neptune was here at the Autumn Equinox
      of 1815, the day the "Great September Gale" hit New England
      (they did not yet use the word "hurricane").

      Thank you for the long article on Nyx!

      Love, Diana
    • mahtezcatpoc
      Jupiter conjunct Algorab (Delta Corvi) Saturn conjunct Castor (Alpha Geminorum) Uranus conjunct Skat (Delta Aquarii) Neptune conjunct Sualocin (Alpha Delphini)
      Message 2 of 2 , Apr 3, 2005
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        Jupiter conjunct Algorab (Delta Corvi)
        Saturn conjunct Castor (Alpha Geminorum)
        Uranus conjunct Skat (Delta Aquarii)
        Neptune conjunct Sualocin (Alpha Delphini)
        Pluto conjunct Lesath (Upsilon Scorpii)

        North Node conjunct Baten Kaitos (Zeta Ceti)
        South Node conjunct Foramen (Eta Carinae)

        Vesta conjunct Sharatan (Beta Arietis)

        Chiron conjunct Altair (Alpha Aquilae)


        Saturn conjunct Adhara (Epsilon Canis Majoris) and Muliphein (Gamma
        Canis Majoris)
        (Canis Major = loyal, acting in defense, ugly passions, fear of the
        night or of darkness [?]; Adhara = adored, honored [like Terri
        Schiavo, the victims of the Minnesota school shooting, Michael Jackson
        (by some) or the Pope]; Muliphein = "the two causing dispute and the
        swearing of an oath" [Steve Gibson])

        Pluto conjunct Alpha Mensae, Kelb Alrai (Beta Ophiuchi), Grumium (Xi
        Draconis) and Beta Arae
        (we were talking about Ara a while ago, there's a connection with
        church matters there; also about Ophiuchus, the Snake Handler [= like
        trying to pry a constrictor off somebody (?)]. Kelb Alrai has been
        said to mean "the shepherd's dog." [Michael Jackson's aides?]
        Grumium marks the underside of Draco's jaw [where a man's beard would
        be]. Beards = getting old, maturity; pulling one's beard = a brazen
        Mensa = like climbing a mountain [?])

        Mars conjunct Alpha Tucanae
        (unselfish, kind, active [Robson]; "nosy" people [the toucan has a big
        "nose" or bill][?])

        Ceres conjunct Arrakis (Mu Draconis) and Men (Alpha Lupi)
        (Lupus = like some say wolves are supposed to be, wanting to grab
        something any way they can[?]. Arrakis's name can be translated as
        "the dancer" [Michael Jackson? Michael Schiavo, who says he wants to
        protect his wife's dignity?]).

        Pallas conjunct Alpha Sextantis
        (Sextans = keeping things in order, making sure people know what to do
        or what course to take [e.g., Living Wills][?])

        Juno conjunct Matar (Eta Pegasi), Sadalbari (Mu Pegasi) and Zeta Reticuli
        (Pegasus = trying to fly too high [?]. Matar means "the fortunate
        rain." Sadalbari has been said to mean "the good luck of the camel
        trying to get to pasture." Reticulum = confined, reticent, tenacious
        [to paraphrase Robson])

        Vesta conjunct Alpha Fornacis
        (Fornax = something being forged[?])

        Seems appropriate, given all the recent activity on the part of
        religious conservatives, especially in the Terri Schiavo case, which
        many see as intrusive, opportunistic and hypocritical.

        Also, Juno = civil rights, the disadvantaged. Some say
        extraterrestrials from Zeta Reticuli have visited Earth. Maybe Zeta
        Reticuli adds a touch of the exotic, remote or unfamiliar to the
        meaning of Reticulum? (I'm talking about the recent school shooting on
        the Red Lake Indian reservation in northern Minnesota.) The Red Lake
        Chippewa have been praised for pulling together in the face of the
        tragedy that has befallen them, unlike Terri Schiavo's family. (Matar:
        "The fortunate rain.")

        Also, at noon CDT today:

        Sun and Venus conjunct Alpheratz (Gamma Andromedae)

        Pallas conjunct Markeb (Kappa Velorum)

        The spotlight is on the Vatican, where now a new Pope must be chosen.

        Mark A. Holmes
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