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Re: Rasalhague and healing

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  • Outi Parhi
    ... it, and know what one is looking for. Hi Heather, here are many different berries from even thorny bushes like Hippophae rhamnoides . They use in natural
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 27, 2005
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      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Heather" <HeatherCam@s...> wrote:

      > How interesting to hear you talk about your side of the world.
      > All the edible wild food sounds good. Although here in Australia
      > there is edible bush food, but one often need to acquire a taste for
      it, and know what one is looking for.

      Hi Heather,

      here are many different berries from even thorny bushes like
      "Hippophae rhamnoides". They use in natural health drinks to give
      enough vitamisns for your diet. Today there was a writing in the local
      paper about northern berries.

      Here it goes:

      In Kainuu, Finland they have got encouraging results in the first ripe
      cloudberry (some dictionaries say arctic raspberries) greenhouse
      cultivating experiment that aims towards berry production. In the
      first experiments the level of crop was more than eight kilograms to a
      hundred square meters.

      It was only the crop of one lot. There are still improvements to be
      made, and in the future, it is the question to make it profitable
      also. During the year you can have six different crop of ripe
      cloudberry, if the necessary space in the greenhouse is provided for
      enabling the natural course of circulation. This greenhouse experiment
      is just taking first steps, but outside in the summertime in swampy
      places and fields the cultivation is already gone further. There are
      about twenty ripe cloudberry growers in Kainuu, with a growing area
      about three hectares of land. At its best they have picked about 3000
      kilograms of berries per hectare. The biggest yellow berries have been
      about the size of a 2-euro coin, and weighed over 6 grams. The
      cultivation has got money from funds of different EU-projects since
      the end of 1990's. They have brought new plants from Norway also. I
      think it is "Rubus chamaemorus" that naturally grows here in Finland.
      They educate people for this here in this area where I live, as well
      for cultivating ripe cloudberries as for northern cranberries.

      Well, they say that those places are not for any "lottery winnings"
      though they can have big crops. It takes a lot of money to start the
      cultivation. The ripe cloudberry is a pioneering plant that cannot
      stand any rivalling plants around. Former peat moor is the best
      foundation for a new ripe cloudberry plantation.

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