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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    ... Wow! Thank you for all this! fascinating! ... for the days on which women will undergo treatment to remove eggs and to have them fertilised and
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 22, 2005
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      > Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 13:16:18 +0200
      > From: "Nicky Allsop" <nik@...>
      >Subject: RE: Fertility

      Wow! Thank you for all this! fascinating!

      Nicky wrote:

      >I use Bernadette Brady's Starlight programme to print out parans of planets
      for the days on which women will undergo treatment to remove eggs and to
      have them fertilised and transplanted back in utero. There are usually 4
      days between treatments. I look to the Heliacal Rising and Setting stars
      for the general tone of the day - is it a lucky day or a tragic day, then I
      look to the stars that accompany the Moon, Venus, and or the Almuten of Preg
      in their natal chart, and which stars are accompanying the transiting planet
      that I deem to be the one that might bring a baby - could be Uranus, could
      be Jupiter, could be Mars on the angle. I pay special attention to the
      stars that are in parans with Mercury - as Mercury is the doctor, the
      fallopian tubes and the binding force in the "cosmic marriage" of the egg
      (moon) and the sperm (sun). The stars that I consider lucky for Cape Town,
      as stars are location based... are

      Acubens (in the cradle)
      Alkes (sacred vessel)
      Alphecca (great gift, but also great sorrow... but is fertile here)
      Alcyone ( rises here in Cape Town with the harvest - therefore fertile)

      >Regulus and Aldebaran give integrity to the proceeding or treatment and are
      positive, but unless they are clearly in paran in tightish orb (1min) then
      they merely give potential luck not definite luck. Formalhaut shows promise
      but does not always deliver - I wonder if that is because Formalhaut is in
      Venus's exaltation,(in Pisces) and planets in exaltation are sometimes a
      little tricky to pin down - just my idle curiousness...

      >Stars that bring bad luck with a successful conception are
      Facies Algol =- although not always - the energy of this
      star can be descriptive of the invasive procedure required
      to remove the eggs, but if there is no other lucky star in
      parans with any important planet, then interpret as
      negative. Mirfak Antares is also not always negative - if in
      paran with Venus - can merely described the desperate
      attempts to have a baby, and if attended by malefic stars,
      then interpret negative.

      >It is hard to list all the stars and give you the brief synopsis, as always
      in astrology, you should take the whole chart into consideration, planets
      and stars, and progressions, and triplicity phase rulers etc, so I would be
      leading you astray by listing only these stars - although they are some of
      my favourites.

      >You have to remember that Alphecca, Sadalsuud and Sadalmelek are helicacal
      rising here in Cape Town in the last week of Dec and the first couple of
      weeks in Jan and at a stretch in first week of Feb. The highest peak in
      birth rates in CT is in the last week of SEpt and the first week of Nov
      every year. People think it might have something to do with the New Year's
      Eve parties in high summer, but I beg to differ. Check in your city the
      highest peak, count 260 days backwards and see what stars were the heliacal
      rising or setting and compare notes with mothers who conceived in the same
      area, and you might find your own fertile heliacal rising stars for your
      location. Please also note, that while I might use stars in horary on the
      ecliptic (and Bernadette you did not read this...!) I never use them in
      natal or predictive charts.

      >If you have Starlight - it is interesting to note that by using the mundane
      parans - those are the parans that began with the period of rulership of the
      heliacal rising or setting stars, you get a much better result in prediction
      - it is as if the rulership of the stars and those parans underscore the
      theme of the two weeks or so that the stars enjoy being the heliacal rising
      or setting, and their first position inthe sky is the strongest, and these
      parans to the planets are the most decriptive of the events that you are
      looking at during that time of rulership.

      >I hope I have been clear enough - detrimented mercury and all

      Very much appreciated!

      Love, Diana
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