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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... this ... http://sports.yahoo.com/rah/news;_ylt=AkBUeSqjjKXx2QyFiVZGbfsX47kF? ... say ... racing ... mate ... for ... with ... the ... Also: Ceres (asteroid
    Message 1 of 3 , May 31, 2006
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      > I didn't get to the link until just now and it has expired.
      > Barbaro seems to be doing well. Initial reports were that his stud
      > potential was the reason for trying to save him, but his owners
      > that they would have tried even if he were of no breeding or
      > value. Good for them.
      > (It seems that when Thoroughbreds are being bred for racing,
      > artificial insemination is not allowed, so if a stallion can't
      > with a mare, like because of damage to his leg, he can't be used
      > breeding.)
      > Uranus, planet of sudden changes and accidents, has been aligned
      > Jih (Kappa Pegasi) for several weeks now. Jih is in one of Pegasus
      > Flying Horse's legs.

      Also: Ceres (asteroid of nurturance and dealing with loss) aligned
      with Kitalpha (Alpha Equulei) in Equuleus, the Colt, during the week
      beginning May 14. Barbaro hurt his leg on Saturday, May 20.

      Mark A. Holmes
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