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Re: Fw: The Galactic Times - 19, 20, 21 and Announcement

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  • Heather
    Hello, Yes I have checked ou his website today too. Under the Oracle heading he has a pic of the sky, make a wish or ask a question, and click on a star and
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 16, 2005

      Yes I have checked ou his website today too.

      Under the "Oracle" heading
      he has a pic of the sky, make a wish or ask a question, and click on
      a star and you get a reading.
      Kind of cute for us fixed star people!


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Astrocalypse"
      <astrocalypse@b...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > Don't know how many of you are subscribers to Philip Sedgwick's
      list. If not, here is his latest newsletter.
      > He has a website at long last. If you are not a subscriber, you
      can register with him, directions as below.
      > Happy reading,
      > Cal
      > ############################################################
      > 19, 20, 21
      > The Galactic Times for March 16, 2005
      > by Philip Sedgwick
      > Perhaps you noticed that last week there was no Galactic Times
      posting by e-mail. Seems AOL and I had a couple of conversations
      about how many e-mails can be sent per unit time. No worries. There
      is a solution. You can go to www.philipsedgwick.com, click on Star
      Blogs, scroll to the bottom of the page and register your e-mail. You
      will be sent a confirming e-mail that you must answer for the address
      to be included. And last week's intended Galactic Times is posted in
      the 2005 Archived GT Folder.
      > Wait! Did you read www.philipsedgwick.com?? Yes, you did. I am not
      a Luddite, after all. It just might seem that way, given the fixity
      in my chart. But I now have a website. You can visit this current
      Galactic Times as well as many archived ones, ask questions of my
      spiffy Galactic Oracle and get free weekly horoscopes starting
      3/20/2005. These scopes will be just like the Space Scopes I used to
      write for scifi.com years ago. Cool, huh? You can also order things
      from my store and you will be kept up to date on all sorts of
      galactic things. Speaking of which, tell me something I want to know,
      > Depending where in the world you are, Mercury goes retrograde on
      the 19th, the Sun enters Aries on the 20th and Saturn turns direct on
      the 21st. You've probably heard you astrologers caution you as to
      Mercury retrogrades. Sure, everything having to do with paperwork, e-
      mail and communication goes amuck. There is a way to work with
      Mercury retrograde constructively. This Mercury retrograde occurs in
      Aries. First, take your finger off the trigger of the rapid fire
      communication urge. Think, before writing, speaking or screaming.
      Imagine what result will be produced by blurting in the moment.
      Compare that with a spoonful of restraint, possibly a dose of
      communicative pleasantry and a well-thought statement. On 29 March,
      Mercury and the Earth align. At this point, you can best attend to
      all wayward communications, statements that require reissuing and
      soothing talk, e-mail or IM ruffled feathers.
      > On the northern side of the world Spring commences; in the Southern
      Hemisphere fall begins. This change of seasons occurs at the equinox,
      which more or less means equal night. A balance of light and dark
      results in terms of actual daylight, and a resetting of cosmic
      balance also applies. A critical turn in the natural ebb and flow of
      life causes reflection, consideration and suggests the tidying up of
      disorderly elements such that one's personal life matches the
      collective rhythms. Even the simple aspect of the weather enforcing a
      change in the style of one's dress symbolizes these shifts. The
      message seems simple. Things are changing in the natural annual
      cycle. Act accordingly. What worked three months ago, probably won't
      work now. Stay current. Stay timely. Stay seasonal.
      > Saturn offers a subtle little cycle of its own right now to enforce
      the seasonal pattern. Actually, it's current stimulation takes us
      back eighty-two days. Honest, it's worth counting back. Saturn offers
      half of a 164 day cycle found in odd black hole system, SS 433, which
      it now opposes as it stations to resume direct motion on the 21st.
      > SS433 dictates a need for clarity of one's own inner energy. This
      can suggest the simple rest/effort axis or it can indicate the flow
      of energy between the chakras in the body. Regardless, one must be in
      synch. The Capricorn black hole entity that Saturn opposes insists
      upon integrity. The issue of integrity arising here urges an
      individual to do what they know to be their cosmic purpose in life
      regardless of other factors. Consider this a reminder. Even though
      you have a job, family, yard to rake, store to visit or e-mails to
      forward, you still have a destiny and purpose for existence.
      > Truly, the last couple of weeks have tossed up a series of
      obstacles for many to encounter. The ultimate application is to ask a
      simple question that has a most difficult answer. Did the obstacles
      impede the path of your progress toward purpose and destiny to
      confirm your commitment to your life's cause, or did those buffets
      seek to remind you that a more spirit-driven stratosphere exists at a
      different altitude and on a different course? So hard to know.
      > The trinity of planetary effects at hand helps reshape the
      purposeful course in life. Mercury offers mental pause,
      reconsideration and the re-articulation of principal issues. The
      Sun's seasonal reference urges a good clearing out of debris,
      restoration of longer range vision and the recreation of vitality.
      Saturn's change of course provides a correction toward one's more
      cosmic drive in life, regardless of a touch of an "on the edge"
      > It's a gourmet feast of planetary and galactic energies. Strive to
      be well seasoned.
      > PLEASE NOTE: The Galactic Times will be sent through AOL only a few
      more times. You must opt in to receive it by e-mail as of April 20th.
      At that point, the GT will appear under Star Blogs on my site and
      sent only to those who registered their e-mail on my site (no
      addresses will be sold or exchanged).
      > If you are a website posting the Galactic Times, please feel free
      to continue to do so. If you have a banner, I would be pleased to
      post in on my "Links" page. You may link to my website and may use
      the banner provided on my "Links" page.
      > Copyright, 2005, Philip Sedgwick, all rights reserved.
      > Philip Sedgwick
      > Astrologer/Writer
      > 480.451.3070
      > galastro@a...
      > galactic@P...
      > http://www.philipsedgwick.com/
      > To ask cosmic questions, get your weekly
      > horoscope or get the latest galactic info
      > visit my site.
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