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Re: Rasalhague, and Oculus, Bos, Theta Aquilae

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  • Outi Parhi
    Diana, Would you think that I could use Solar Return fixed stars positions in my interpretations as well as in natal charts? In January there was a conjunction
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2005

      Would you think that I could use Solar Return fixed stars positions
      in my interpretations as well as in natal charts?

      In January there was a conjunction of Mercury, Pluto and Venus in 22-
      23 Sagittarius, and that in my Solar Return chart
      precessed/ceo.corr.lat in 4 Jan 2005 19:52:44 EET, Oulu FIN, meant
      that there was Mercury in 22.51 Sag, Pluto in 22.52 Sag and Venus in
      23.47 Sag conjuncting my natal Mercury in 20.50 Sagittarius.

      My Heliacal Rising Star on Spica, and on my natal also Mars in 22.46
      Libra in near Spica in the 10th house, where the South Node end
      moves right now.

      Using geocentric correction to latitude and precessed charts you get
      different parans to planets. I have been using corrected, but
      sometimes see that many don't.

      To me those old interpretations to Ras Alhaque do not fit much; I
      have been in no contact whatsoveer in my life with drugs, exept for
      my own dentist or small surgery, my father drank periodically a lot,
      and my mother died when I was four, and she used some morfine to
      beat the pain from cancer.

      I have beed doing astrology now for quite many years, I have clients
      and I've done some reasearch and also horoscopes. I have studied
      English philology and as my main subject architecture. What star
      would describe best events for the latter, what do you think? I am
      just now renovating my home, built a loft above my high livingroom
      and thus getting better conditions for "homework".


      (my natal: 5Jan1952-05.40/Oulu/FIN/EET)

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-
      stars@i...> wrote:
      > Ariondys wrote:
      > >I took another stab at finding more after this group started(the
      > time since getting Brady's Book of Fixed Stars). I found my
      > sets with Alpha Ophiuchus aka Ras Alhague in rather tight orb.
      > >Ras Alhague is at 22 sag, and my Jupiter is at 2 aq 39, but the
      > horizon will connect them at the setting position so close it
      > like the Jupiter/Callisto midpoint that is setting, at least as
      > accurately as Sky Chart's demo does things.
      > >Brady reports Ebertin as saying Ras Alhague with drug addicts.
      > that Rigor disagrees. I am pretty sure most of my intimates are
      > rather serious in their excesses. Though I cannot attest to how
      > autumn years of my life will go as a healer.
      > This is from my Workbook (for 2005 position, add 21 minutes)
      > Long Lat Dec
      RA M Spec
      > Rasalhague Alpha Ophiuchi head 22SA10 35 50 12 34 17
      34 2.08 A5 III
      > Terzan Z X-Ray Burster, Scorpius 22SA41 - 7 33 -30 47 17
      26 Core of GCluster
      > possible Black Hole above Scorpion's sting
      > Kepler's Supernova Remnant Oph's rt ft 22SA53 1 47 -21 28 17
      29 ----- RS, SNR
      > appeared 1604 in Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer; radio source;
      opposite the "Crab" SNR of 1054
      > Remarkable gifts of expression (great composers, poets,
      > authors etc); suffer from an agonizing inner emotional
      > intensity. Imagination can get out of bounds at times; tend
      > to be obsessive, extremely high-strung, with fierce
      > hard-to-control emotions. Can "think big," have powers of
      > visualization that are remarkable, but privately their
      > strong passions may dominate, undermining worldly success
      > and personal relationships. Business, science (esp medicine,
      > healing), religion, public affairs, sports, philosophy,
      > writing, astrology, mythology and the occult are areas of
      > success; their ideas are often ahead of their time. They
      > pander to the public, but are essentially very distrustful,
      > private people, though not loners. Issues: intellectual
      > honesty vs close-mindedness, insistence on own convictions;
      > being open-minded, tolerant vs prejudiced, doctrinaire.
      > Overindulgences, alcoholism, addiction; infection-prone,
      > mental illness. Volcanic eruptions, explosions, fires,
      > assassinations, invasions, aggression, disasters
      > broad-minded, humanitarian reserved selfish,
      secretive, suspicious
      > philosophical intense unpopular,
      intolerant, opinionated
      > imagination, visual acuity high-strung
      judgmental, hypocritical, dishonest
      > Now for your Jupiter, using projection on to ecliptic (with
      > precession-correction, about 3 Aquarius +, so goes with a
      > star-group from 3AQ02 - 5AQ 51 (2000)
      > Long Lat Dec
      RA M Spec
      > Oculus Pi Capricorni nr right eye 4AQ26 0 54 -18 17 20
      26 5.25 B8
      > Theta Aquilae under Eagle's head 4AQ38 18 44 - 0 53 20
      10 3.23 B9 III
      > Bos Rho Capricorni Sea-Goat's neck 4AQ53 1 12 -17 53 20
      28 4.78 F2 III
      > Intelligent, innovative, clever. Skilled inventors,
      > ingenious problem-solvers. Love music, theatre, art. Early
      > years often difficult, harsh; feel like outsiders; may
      > suffer extreme emotional anguish. Military men, explorers,
      > philosophers, occultists, physicists, inventors,
      > photographers, astronomers. Fanaticism, intense commitment,
      > may be hounded for beliefs. Preserving the past important to
      > them. Either express and act upon hatred, intolerance,
      > racism or suffer extremely from them. Stalkers and victims
      > of stalking. Some suffer chronic poor health, mental or
      > emotional instability. A major concern in these lives is
      > find ways to dispel gloom and despair, avoid brooding about
      > the past, and to find courage, joy, a positive philosophy,
      > and to keep a sense of humor. Ice, cold, fog, storms,
      > shipwrecks, eruptions, mistreatment of subordinate peoples
      > and their rebellions against it, expulsions, persecutions,
      > massacres, terrorist attacks, meteorite falls
      > Love, Diana
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