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RE: [AstroLife] Re: London 7/7/05 victim data-CORRECTION

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Oops! You are right! 2 W 21 not 20 W!! Serves me right for doing it in the wee hours! The Asc (13 Cap 43) is at India s nakshatra Uttarasadha “The Latter
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2006
      Oops! You are right! 2 W 21 not 20 W!!

      Serves me right for doing it in the wee hours!

      The Asc (13 Cap 43) is at India's nakshatra Uttarasadha “The Latter
      Unconquered” or “Latter Invincible,” determinants: Sigma & Zeta Sagittarii
      (Nunki/Pelagus and Ascella), symbolized by an elephant’s tusk, ruled by the
      Visvdevas or All-Gods, divine brothers (sons of Dharma, Right), with names
      like ‘Good,’ ‘Truth,’ ‘Will,’ ‘Skilful,’ ‘Time,’ ‘Love,’ ‘Constancy;’ it has
      the quality of entering into or permeating, and like Purvashada,
      invincibility and patience in adversity

      Her Moon (29 Libra 32) and Saturn (8 Scorp 28 rx) are in the 9th; their
      midpoint us 4 Scorpio 00 - the 4 24 05 Lunar Ecl was 4 Scorp 20. Her MC is
      in the stars of the Scales of Justice, which were, earlier, the Claws of the
      ancient, extended Scorpion. This is the Vedic mansion Visakha, symbolizing a
      purpose or goal and its attainment; its symbol is a gateway decorated with
      leaves, like those at Indian religious festivals, which is interesting
      because she studies Sanskrit and Indian culture, and is active in prayer
      groups and interfaith initiatives.

      Love, Diana

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      Hi Diana, thanks for this information.

      When I calculate this horoscope I get Asc 13°43 Capricorn and MC 21° 40
      Scorpio. For Altrincham I have 53N24 and 002W21.
      What can I do wrong?


      --- In AstroLife@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye- stars@...>
      > I just received permission to give the birth data (without the
      name) of
      > a person severely injured in the London 7/7/2005 bombings:
      > Female, Occupation: librarian
      > Born 22 March 1954 in Altrincham, Cheshire (on the southern
      outskirts of
      > Manchester), 3.30 am GMT. Described by a friend as quite tall and
      > with a mischievous sense of humour. She was seriously injured in
      > bombings of 7th July, when she was in the Edgeware Road train, in
      > carriage just behind the one where the suicide bomber was. She was
      > sideways on to the explosion, and suffered severe damage to her
      right lung
      > and foot. She is now making a good recovery, though she may have
      > lost the hearing in the right ear
      > Asc is 26 Sagittarius - the Galactic Center
      > MC is 4 Scorpio 29; her natal Saturn had progressed to it on
      > and there was also a lunar eclipse on it Apr 24 '05 (4 Scorpio
      20), so you
      > can see there would be a major event on her life path that year.
      Her Saturn
      > at 8 Scorpio rx is aligned with Khambalia, Lambda Virginis,
      associated with
      > lameness, and the Equatorial Ascendant at Vedic Lunar Mansion
      Sravana, the
      > ear, which can relate to both hearing problems and lameness Love,
      > Diana
      > Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/
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