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Band manager/fire

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Re The Station fire that killed 100, Feb 20 03, 11:05 PM in Warwick, RI ... rising the morning of the fire and Bernadette Brady answered a few questions for
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2006
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      Band manager/fire

      Re "The Station" fire that killed 100, Feb 20 '03, 11:05 PM in Warwick, RI

      Barbara Finch sent:

      >Working on the charts for the event, I found a fixed star
      rising the morning of the fire and Bernadette Brady answered a few questions
      for me.  Seems this star rises for only two mornings out of the year, Menkar.

      I also don't know anything about fixed stars (how else may I show
      my ignorance in this post?) :^)))) but does Menkar indicate something
      in particular?

      Menkar may have been rising in the morning (do you mean rising heliacally?), but it was setting at the fire itself.  When the fire

      began Rijl al Awwa, Mu Virginis, was rising (I ran it on Bernadette's Starlight Program), and Menkar was setting.
      They form a harsh axis!  (Asc-Dsc at 11:05, official time of fire, 9 Scorp-Taur 24) 

      Rising at event:

      Nusakan Beta Coronae Borealis   Crown   9SC07   46 03   29 06   15 28   3.68    F0   p
      Omega Centauri  cluster in horse’s back         9SC46   -35 14  -47 29  13 27   3.65    F7  GC
       “Biggest and brightest  globular cluster in the sky”
      Rijl al Awwa Mu Virginis  Virgin’s rt foot      10SC08  9 40    - 5 40  14 43   3.88    F3 IV
       with Delta Librae, 15 Scorpio, Mulu-izi, "Man of Fire" in ancient Akkad
      Mu1 Crucis  just E of top star in Cross 10SC37  -46 04  -57 11  12 55   4.03    B3 IV

      Also here: 109 Virginis (8831) in hem of Virgin’s gown, Pi Hydrae  (8847) in Water-Snake's tail, Theta1 Crucis (8847) SW of Southern Cross, y Centauri (9817) in the Centaur’s head, Theta Coronae Borealis (9827) in the Northern Crown and Gamma2 Volantis (9853) in the modern figure of Volans, the Flying Fish. This set runs from 8826 to 10846.

      This is the fire section::

      Mu Virginis was the Akkadian Mulu-izi, “Man of Fire” and the Sun is here each year at Samhain, the eve of the Celtic New Year, which later became All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) when souls of the dead were thought to revisit the earth, and huge bonfires were lit to frighten away evil spirits. This was the Sun at the 1970 St Laurent du Pont, France dance hall fire where 144 died because exits were blocked, the Moon at the great New York City fire of December, 1835 in lower Manhattan’s financial district: below 0ยบ F temperature froze hydrants, and all efforts were to no avail: 650 buildings were destroyed; the $22 million damage bankrupted insurance companies, contributing to the great depression of 1837; this was also the Moon at the Harrison, NY Stauffer’s Inn flash fire in 1980 that killed 26, Mercury and Neptune at the Amude, Syria movie theatre explosion and fire in 1960 that killed 150 children, Venus at the Brooklyn Theatre fire of 1876 that killed 295, Jupiter in 1993 when 29 horses were killed in a Manorville, NY barn fire, Saturn at a major London fire in 1748, Neptune in 1960 when a huge experimental ICBM rocket missile being readied for a test exploded and burned at Baikonur Cosmodrome, USSR, killing about 100, many of them major scientists, leaving a “tremendous” scorched area, Pluto at the explosions and fire at the Dumont Plaza Hotel, San Juan, PR in 1986 that killed 95 (set by a disgruntled employee), Pluto again at the 1987 Manchurian “Great Black Dragon Fire,” started accidentally by a worker spilling gasoline – “possibly the worst forest fire in 300 years” that destroyed prime timber stands in vast stretches of China and the Soviet Union, and in August 1988 when a 10-hour fire destroyed Lisbon’s Chiado shopping district, and 3 days later at the Ramstein, Germany Air Show disaster when planes in a flight team collided and crashed in flames, parts hitting spectators: 70 were killed, 500 injured.

      I will add the "The Station" fire.

      Here's Menkar from my Workbook (note the Andromeda star here - Andromeda, the Chained Woman, is associated with entrapment) (position is 1980; for 2003 add 19 minutes)

      Almach   Gamma Andromedae left foot     13TA57  27 48   42 14   2 03    2.18    K2 III
      Menkar  Alpha Ceti  Sea-Monster’s jaw   14TA02  -12 35  4 0l    3 01    2.53    M3 III

      Leadership, figureheads; luck, but after much hard work. Great multiplicity of talents, abilities; life runs on several rails at once, seems a constant battlefield. Creativity, writing, performing potential, though undeveloped if will remains unfocussed, or if person blames others for troubles. May be "exiled" by force or necessity or encounter sorrows, difficulties, frustrations, misfortunes, with difficult family conditions, lack of domestic harmony, or even loss of identity, home in early life. Possible loss of fortune, or inheritance brings misfortune with it. Suffer from anxiety, false accusations, disgrace, ruin, (for farmers, loss of crops), and/or severe health problems, accidents to the head, epilepsy, throat diseases, larynx problems, blindness, suffocation, danger from animals, possible violent death. The heart, will, and endurance of these people are challenged to the utmost, forging strength, perseverance, determination.  Only if dishonesty, selfishness and immorality are avoided with great determination do the tests of this star have positive results. Good for military, medicine, healing, sports, art, theater, music. Major issue in these lives of religious faith vs atheism, skepticism. Murder, assassination, violent explosions, fires, shipwreck, drowning, medical events, fog/smog, meteorite falls; sieges, blockages, standstills, entrapment; danger from animals

      (in this same 14 Taurus set is 16 Cephei in Cepheus, the King - the ancients called him "inflammatus"!)

      When you look at the chart superficially, it doesn't look so bad, but Jupiter (planet of overconfidence and carelessness) was just past culmination, and besides opposing a very tight Mercury-Neptune conjunction (11 Aquar 17, 11 Aqare 27), all 3 of them on Neptune's Nodes, it was at a pair of binary, supermassive black holes!  The entire set (Jupiter-Mercury-Neptune-Nodes of Neptune) were square the Asc-Desc, that is, when the Asc-Dsc axis squared that deadly conjunction-opposition the place went up in flame.

      Jupiter (10 Leo 42 rx):

      Blazar OJ 287 Cancri   in Crab’s head   10LE33  2 36    20 36   8 55    14.0v   QSO/BH
       Blazars (quasars visible at gamma ray energies) carry the most luminous, violent active galactic nuclei, emitting  radiation

       across the entire electromagnetic spectrum: OJ 287 is thought to consist of binary, supermassive black holes.

      Love, Diana

      PS: a thought: the band's name was "Great White" - as in Great White Whale? Menkar is Alpha Ceti in the Sea-Monster or Whale!

      Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/

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