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Heads (Ouch!)

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    ... Interesting - I ll have to check that out! One of the four narcolepsy charts in Rodden s American Book of Charts has Mercury at 24 Scorp - it s 1913, so
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2005
      > Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 23:47:45 -0000
      > From: "Judy" <judomom47@...>
      >Subject: Re: Algol

      Judy wrote:

      >It was your website on which I found the info I mentioned earlier.
      >One thing I'd like to comment on is this quoted section here:
      >..."This made me suspect that some other stars were actually the
      >culprits in those cases, so I rounded up the likeliest suspects:
      >zeta Librae at 25 Scorpio 17, beta Lupus, 25 Scorpio 18 (the
      >Akkadians called Lupus "The Beast of Death"), and gamma Librae
      >(Zubenelakrabi), 25 Scorpio 24; in China, this area was "The War
      >Chariot" and "The Mounted Guard". In Leo, square Algol, is omicron
      >Leonis (Subra, the Lion's Paw) at 24 Leo 31. "....
      >Not only do I have SIRIUS on my ascendant, but my Saturn is at 25
      >Scorpio, and my Moon is at 24 Leo. Yikes!
      >However, being the eternally optimistic Sagittairian that I am, I'm
      >not that worried about it, after all, decapitation, etc is pretty
      >quick, right? LOL....
      >I DO have a form of Narcolepsy though.

      Interesting - I'll have to check that out! One of the four
      narcolepsy charts in Rodden's American Book of Charts has
      Mercury at 24 Scorp - it's 1913, so precession-correction
      brings it to 25 +; another has the NNode at 22.5 Scorp, it's
      1901, so add precession and you get 24 Scorp. One has Sun 27
      Leo, area of the Lion's head (that's how it works - the sky
      figures relate to body parts!)

      >No head injuries, etc, no
      >accidents so far- it seems like something is protecting me because I
      >have come really close a couple of times. My sister observed a horse
      >I had just let loose in the paddock kick both hind legs out behind
      >it in exuberance, just missing my head by an inch- you should have
      >seen her face! She was sure I would have been dead and couldn't see
      >how it managed to miss me.
      >My first husband died of a brain tumour, and my oldest brother
      >survived brain surgery this summer. In fact, nine months before I
      >was born, my Great Uncle Graham died of a brain tumour on March 17,
      >the same date my husband died.
      >I read in a book I got from my Grat Aunt Elma's collection that Mars
      >int he first house will give distinction to the head (like red hair,
      >curly hair, depending on genetics, or facial scars) My husband Jack,
      >who died of the brain tumour had Mars conj. Sun, don't know about
      >the 1st house as I didn't have a birth time for him. He had red
      >hair. My son who has Mars in the first house also has red hair. My
      >present husband has Mars in the 1st house (possible, I only have an
      >approx. birth time for him)and he has very curly hair even though he
      >is a full Status Canadian Native. His Mom has Scottish ancestory.

      I wrote:

      > In the 1980's I wrote a long article on Algol for the NCGR
      > Journal - it's on my website at

      Wow, Judy - your story affirms that this is indded a very "head-y" area:

      From my book (positions are for 2000)(note that the Dragon's
      head and Lupus' head are here)

      Al Rakis Mu Draconis Dragon's tongue 24SC45 76 14 54 28 17 05 4.92 F5
      Kappa Centauri holding Beast's hind paw 24SC48 -24 02 -42 06 14 59 3.13 B2 V
      In ancient Euphratean star-lists, Suzak-Gudelim "The right hand of the Centaur"
      Ke Kouan Beta Lupi Beast's hind paws? 25SC02 -25 03 -43 08 14 59 2.68 B2 V
      Gamma Librae in N Scale (N Claw) 25SC08 4 23 -14 47 15 36 3.91 G8 III-IV
      Lunar Mansions: Ti, Visakha, al-Zubana: see Zubenelgenubi, Librae, 15 Scorp; this star
      was in the chest of China's ancient Great Azure Dragon
      Schweizer-Middleditch Star paw & hand 25SC27 -23 43 -41 59 15 03 ----- SNR 1006
      near the center of SNR 1006 (Remnant of Supernova of 1006 CE, at the Lupus-Centaurus boundary
      Al Marfik Kappa Herculis right arm 25SC43 37 13 17 03 16 08 5.00 G8 III
      Marfik, Marsik
      Mu Serpentis bend near Oph's left hand 25SC56 16 14 - 3 26 15 50 3.54 A0 V
      Lupus Loop in Beast's head; radio source 26SC19 -20 21 -39 00 15 12 SNR 1006
      opposite Algol, Beta Perseii

      Also here: Epsilon Serpentis (24SC20) in Serpens' neck,
      Omicron Lupi (23SC52) (paw?); 32, Zeta, 41 Librae ((23SC54,
      25SC01, 26SC59) in N Scale, Nu1 and Xi Coronae Borealis
      (24SC01, 25SC15), east of the Northern Crown. Modern: Gamma,
      Delta Muscae (25SC09, 26SC12) in the Southern Fly, Nu and Pi
      Chameleontis (24SC56, 26SC19) (Chameleon), and NNode of
      Asteroid 1108 Demeter. This set starts at 23SC51 and ends at

      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars...
      -Oscar Wilde (SNode here), Lady Windemere's Fan

      Wild-Beast Lupus combines with a coil of shaman Ophiuchus'
      huge Serpent here, and both share these longitudes with
      stars of Ts'ang-Loung, the huge, ancient Chinese Dragon and
      our Draco, the Dragon (the writhing Nâkhâsch qadmôn - "Old
      Serpent" of the Phoenicians), that encircles the boreal
      pole. Domineering, drawn to power and the sheer enjoyment of
      wielding it, these children-of-the-beasts bring a sense of
      adventure and discovery to all they do, sometimes taking
      excessive risks. Drawn to all that is weird, wild and
      dramatic, their extravagant and unrestrained imaginations
      combine with a deep sensuality and a keen awareness of the
      beast within. Often cultured and intellectual, with a love
      of study and learning, they tend at the same time to be
      activists, implementing deeply-held beliefs, determined to
      live up to them and to bring about universal awareness of
      the need for changes in society and culture. A streak of
      arrogance lurks just under the surface; there is often a
      sharp edge to their personas, and they do not suffer fools
      gladly. Most here are extremely sensual, and sexuality plays
      a central part in their lives and personal identities.
      Natural organizers, directors and drillmasters, they are
      often polymaths: favored fields include astronomy,
      astrology, medicine (esp surgery and public health issues),
      the military (esp air and motorized warfare innovations),
      aviation, mathematics, philosophy, mysticism, the occult and
      psychic research, art (esp sculpture) and literature, with a
      particular gift for poetry and imagery. Given their
      proximity to these wild sky-creatures, the stars of Libra's
      scales-of-the-law have a hard time keeping order and
      balance, and sometimes they lose the struggle, reverting to
      their ancient role as the claws of the Scorpion: criminals,
      murderers and mass killers are found under these stars
      (Lupus was "The Beast of Death," and Manilius associated
      Hercules with risk-taking, craftiness, desertion, deceit,
      terrorism and street thugs), as well as those trapped in
      prisons, and/or alcohol or drug dependencies. Serpents,
      however, because of their ability to shed their skins and
      grow new ones, are known for their powers of change and
      regeneration, and these stars offer great potential for
      reform and renewal. This is a place where the worlds of man
      and nature, man and animals collide and/or interact, and it
      is the task of those with planets here to employ the fierce,
      creative energies of the beast within without allowing it to
      take control, with an issue of daring and audacity vs
      caution, apathy or lack of willingness to take risks. Under
      the Scales, there may be scandals or problems caused or
      precipitated by government interference. Here the healing
      Serpent, together with the bright Scales of Justice, right
      hand of Centaurus and strong right arm of Hercules offer
      strength, willpower and a determination to seek justice and
      right wrongs. Head, brain and prostate ailments; accidents,
      esp to head, arms, hands, addictions. Fires (including some
      huge conflagrations), explosions, storms, high winds,
      floods, shipwrecks, fogs and disasters caused by weather,
      violence, murder, massacres, meteorite falls, animal
      encounters and animal attacks (the Lupus Loop is opposite
      Algol, Beta Perseii)

      Love, Diana
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