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Re: Zeta Tauri

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    ... (Robson) ... Hecka ... I mean, I had Zeta *Corvi* as Al Hecka. That s not also called Al Hecka, is it? ... knows ... pp 39-40 ... scholars ... from ... but
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      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-
      stars@...> wrote:
      > Mark wrote:
      > > Juno
      > >
      > > *Al Hecka (Zeta Corvi)
      > Mislabeled; this is Zeta Tauri. See below.
      > > *Tien Kuan (Zeta Tauri)
      > Also known as Al Hecka. It marks the southern horn of the Bull.
      > "It gives violence, male violence and danger of accidents."
      > Anne Wright also mentions something about "taking the bull by the
      > horns."
      > I don't know if I would say "mislabeled" - since it has been Al
      > for years in astrology references, I don't think you can completely
      > delete this name without causing comfusion...

      I mean, I had Zeta *Corvi* as Al Hecka. That's not also called Al
      Hecka, is it?

      > Robson lists it as Al Hecka -- he copied Alvidas verbatim - lord
      > where Alvidas got it.
      > Eric Morse ("The Living Stars") has some knowledge of Arabic; on
      pp 39-40
      > he has it as Al Hecka and writes:
      > "Tracing the Arabic original name is not easy, early western
      > having generally made a poor job of that language; it may derive
      > Al Qarn, The Horn, a difficult near-K sound for us to pronounce,
      but more
      > closely it resembles Al Haikal which can mean either a huge beast
      (such as a
      > bull) or a temple...
      > one further origin is from Al Hak'ah, the white spot..."
      > I am virtually certain that the source is Al Hak'ah, because that
      is the
      > Arabic lunar mansion whose determinant stars are Lambda and Phi
      Orionis, in
      > virtually the same longitudes, just below Zeta Tauri.
      > As for the Chinese name:
      > From my Chinese notes:
      > Zeta Tauri (24GE30), the tip of the Bull's S Horn, along with 121
      Tauri was
      > T'ien Koan, the Celestial Barrier, (or T'ien Mun, the Celestial
      Gate). It
      > ruled frontier fortifications; when the barriers were closed, the
      state was
      > secure.
      > One key word for Juno is "vulnerable" - so this could certainly
      relate to
      > the current concerns about
      > the security of our ports!


      Mark A. Holmes
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