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Re: [thefixedstars] New Comet and Fixed Stars

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Can you tell us what has been determined about the influence of this comet? Mark A. Holmes ... http://spaceweather.com/images2006/28feb06/skymap_north.gif ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2006
      Can you tell us what has been determined about the
      influence of this comet?

      Mark A. Holmes

      --- Angie Biggerstaff <suninscorpio2@...>

      > NEW COMET: A new comet is emerging in the morning
      > sky. Comet Pojmanski has been brightening since its
      > discovery in January and can now be found just east
      > of Venus before sunrise. The best way to see the
      > comet is through binoculars or a small telescope:
      > It looks like a fuzzy 5th-magnitude star with a
      > small tail.
      > Visit http://Spaceweather.com for sky maps and more
      > information.
      > Ok, about comet Pojmanski orbit and the fixed stars
      > he will cross in his way:
      > According to
      > he is very close to venus and stars dabih and giedi
      > (Beta and delta of capricornius) around february 28.
      > I
      > am counting this conjunction as both RA and
      > declination, in the gif figure is saying algedi, but
      > in Janus I got this is the position most closely to
      > giedi. Another star of similar name Deneb Adige,
      > declination of 45north, will be somewhat close in
      > march.
      > Dabih - venus saturn
      > http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/Dabih.html
      > giedi - venus mars
      > http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/GiediPrima.html
      > adige - venus mercury
      > http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/DenebAdige.html
      > You can also see the comet crossing the constelation
      > of capricorn (around 4 Aquarius in tropìcal zodiac)
      > in
      > . He is traveling quickly towards north, so when he
      > cross Formahault (decl 29s) he will be 52n, and when
      > he cross Scheat (d: 28n) he will be 54n, very far
      > away
      > I think. The same is valid to Markab. They all be
      > crossed if you are only concern with the projection
      > in
      > the ecliptic.
      > You can also see in
      > that the comet already come near constelation of
      > sagitarius, then crossed capricorn, and will go his
      > way, but I am not sure about the correct name or
      > lore
      > of this constelations.
      > The comet seens really venusian by this conjunctions
      > with fixed stars and venus itself: but there is also
      > the fact that he is growing in light fast, which for
      > me is of the nature of venus:
      > "Preliminary predictions indicated that the comet
      > would dutifully brighten as it approached the Sun.
      > At
      > perihelion, the most optimistic forecasts had Comet
      > Pojmanski attaining a magnitude of +6.5 (generally
      > considered the threshold of naked-eye visibility).
      > The comet had other plans, however, and has been
      > increasing in brightness at a much faster pace.
      > On Feb. 7, Andrew Pearce, observing from Nedlands
      > in
      > Western Australia, caught the comet already shining
      > at
      > magnitude +6.4. "This comet appears to be
      > brightening
      > rapidly," noted Mr. Pearce, adding that a faint tail
      > was also becoming visible. Twelve days later, the
      > comet had brightened nearly a full magnitude,
      > according to Mr. Pearce, reaching +5.4. On February
      > 20, Luis Mansilla at the Canopus Observatory in
      > Rosario, Argentina was able to see the comet in 7x50
      > binoculars despite interference from the Moon and
      > haze
      > near the horizon. He estimated its brightness at
      > +5.3. "
      > According to Ramesay's Astrologia Munda (thanks to
      > Jacky for making this
      > available to everyone) a Lunar eclipse in the 3rd
      > face of Virgo brings
      > deadly diseases. For comets he goes on to write that
      > ~If a comet appears in
      > the Ascendant of any town, Kingdom, City, Family, or
      > in the Ascendant of the
      > Revolution of the World, it signifies destruction of
      > the things signified by
      > the Ascendant and the sign thereof; and if it appear
      > in the sign of the MC
      > at the time of any of these it brings danger to such
      > as are promoted to
      > honour.
      > In Capricorn, war amongst Kings and Nobles, many
      > calamities and misfortunes,
      > contempt of Religion, bad winter weather and it also
      > threatens Famine,
      > Pestilence and the like.
      > In Aquarius, wars and slaughters, death of some
      > honourable and eminent
      > Prince or Lady ins the Eastern Parts (Ramesay thinks
      > it should be Western),
      > war for a long time, Epidemical diseases, an
      > obscuration of the air,
      > Pestilence, death of both illustrious men as well as
      > the common people.
      > There's plenty going on in the world to choose from,
      > (bird flu, Iraq, Sharon
      > are some) perhaps what and where if only we knew
      > where the comet would be on
      > the 14th of March.
      > Angie and Yuzuru

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