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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Thank you, Diana. Mark A. Holmes ... mercenary ... China?) ... Iranian ... assassinations, acts of ... and animal ... Ford s rabidly ... the Moon ... England s
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      Thank you, Diana.

      Mark A. Holmes

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-
      stars@...> wrote:
      > Mark sent:
      > > *Terebellum (Omega Sagittarii) (which is 25 Cap 56)
      > "It gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a
      > nature and repulsiveness." (Robson)
      > (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft essentially aiding repression in
      > I heard somewhere that this star is linked to anti-Semitism (the
      > government's plans for Holocaust-related cartoons?)
      > I have, under Mundane (for 24Cap22 to 26Cap55)
      > Earth upheavals, epidemics, explosions, air crashes,
      assassinations, acts of
      > heroism but also brutal prejudice, violent fanaticism, terrorist
      and animal
      > attacks
      > so the Philippine disaster is part of this - and it's
      > more than just anti-semitism - it's intolerance and prejudice of
      all kinds:
      > The Sun was here when Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket was
      > assassinated in his Cathedral in 1170, and in 1922 when Henry
      Ford's rabidly
      > anti-semitic newspaper The Dearborn Independent was 1st published,
      the Moon
      > at the discovery of the terrorist "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up
      England's King
      > and Parliament in 1605, the natal Moon and MC of Nazi anti-semitic
      > and sadistic psychopath Julius Streicher (hanged as a war
      criminal), Mercury
      > of baseball star Jackie Robinson, the 1st African-American allowed
      to play
      > in the major-leagues, who suffered terribly from vicious bigotry,
      Venus in
      > 1992 when Hindu fanatics demolished the 464-year-old Babri Mosque
      > Ayodhya, India, the natal Mars of 16-year-old black youth Yusuf
      Hawkins who
      > was killed by 30 white youths in Bensenhurst, New York, Uranus in
      1910 when
      > the National Negro Committee became the NAACP (National
      Association for the
      > Advancement of Colored People), at the 1994 Hebron massacre, when
      a fanatic
      > Jewish settler slaughtered Muslim worshippers at prayer in Cave of
      > Patriarchs: 40-50 died, and rioting after killed more, at an
      attack on a van
      > carrying Hasidic students in Brooklyn, at the assassination of
      > political candidate Colosio in Tijuana, the assassination of PM
      > Rabin at a peace rally in Tel Aviv, and at the start of the Ruanda
      > militia of ruling majority ethnic Hutu deliberately set out to
      kill off
      > minority Tutsi and Hutu moderates: hundreds of thousands hunted
      down like
      > animals, slaughtered, some hacked to death with machetes, Neptune
      in 1830
      > when the US Congress passed the cruel Removal Act to force all
      tribes into
      > "Indian Territory" west of the Mississippi River, Neptune (cnj IC)
      in 1996
      > at the September Lunar Ecl the morning warriors of the Taliban, an
      > fundamentalist Islamic sect, triumphantly entered Kabul,
      Afghanistan; they
      > declared an Islamic state the following day, in which women were
      denied all
      > rights. This was the NNode at the Munich Olympic Massacre: 8 PLO
      > attacked the Israeli compound at the 1972 Olympics, killing 2 and
      taking 11
      > others hostage, the natal NNode of former Presbyterian minister
      Paul J Hill,
      > a fervent anti-abortionist who stalked, shot and killed an
      abortion doctor
      > (wanted to be a martyr, refused to appeal death sentence,
      executed) and the
      > NNode was here when black motorist Rodney King was brutally beaten
      by Los
      > Angeles police in 1991.
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/
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