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Re: Comment on some stars mentioned by Raymond (was Are Right Ascension Coordina

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  • astynaz
    Hi Mark, Thanks for responding The reason why I think Sadalachbia can be related to luck in occult and Astrology is because of the name of the star. Bernadette
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 29, 2006
      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for responding

      The reason why I think Sadalachbia can be related to luck in occult
      and Astrology is because of the name of the star. Bernadette Brady
      said that Sadalmelik and Sadalsuud has to do with luck for it has luck
      as the root meaning of their names. It seems logical that Sadalachbia
      with its name's root meaning luck seems to relate to luck too. Because
      it means luck of hidden things/places, I thought that it could relate
      to the occult which means hidden. Astrology can be occult too,and so
      Sadalachbia could relate to Astrology. Sadalachbia is a star in
      constellation Aquarius,and so that could be why it could relate to
      Astrology too. I feel that with the star being in Aquarius, it can be
      a star of humanitarianism. It can be about things that can invoke a
      humanitarian spirit like homeless people or people who have special
      needs like learning disabilities,autism, and I can definitely
      personally relate to learning disabilities. I was a client of
      Transitional Living Community Support which helps the homeless
      mentally ill. I was living in their transitional housing for a
      year,and so I was living the the homeless mentally ill. Brady talked
      about the meanings of symbolism of the Water Carrier as bringer of
      life-giving water and/or rain. I feel that Moon conj Sadalachbia could
      indicate my potential for humanitarianism and Astrology. I have Moon
      in alignment with Fomalhaut(success or challenged when it comes to
      idealism,mystical)and Sadalmelik(means lucky one of the king).
      Sadalmelik is also in a culminating paran with the Moon. My Moon is in
      an alignment and right ascension aspect with Ancha which is a star in
      Aquarius. Ancha is the hip of the water bearer.

      As for Brachium(aka Zuben Algubi), Bernadette Brady said that the
      stars, Zuben Elgenubi and Zuben Eschamali are stars involved in social
      reform or social justice. It would be logical to think that Zuben
      Algubi being a star of Libra is also associated with social reform or
      social justice too. I do think about that stuff a lot,and I have a
      strong sense of justice. My Mercury is in right ascensions aspects to
      both Menkar(also in culminating paran with Mercury) and Zuben Algubi
      could be my concern for social reform in regards to learning
      disabilities and how they can be misdiagnosed as mental illness. My
      Mercury in alignment with Zuben Elschamali can indicate my interest in
      social reform and social justice too which can involve personal
      satisfaction and vindication. Brady said that Zuben Elschamali is
      social reform that has connection to personal gain. Well..if help
      people with learning disabilities be understood, then I get my
      learning disabilities understood too. That makes sense.

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, Mark Andrew Holmes
      <mahtezcatpoc@y...> wrote:
      > --- astynaz <astynaz@y...> wrote:
      > > My Moon is
      > > conjunct Sadalachbia
      > Gamma Aquarii
      > which is a star associated with
      > > luck of hidden
      > > things and people,
      > Okay. I'm seeing it in connection with homelessness
      > (the long alignment, as opposed to true conjunction,
      > with Uranus after Hurricane Katrina)
      > "Whoever you are...I have always depended on the
      > kindness of strangers."--Blanche DuBois in Tennessee
      > Williams' *A Streetcar Named Desire*.
      > Strangers = people you don't know, people who are
      > "hidden," so to speak, from your knowledge.
      > and I wonder if that could be
      > > associated with
      > > fortune in occult and Astrology.
      > Hmmm.
      > My Sun is oppose
      > > Capulus,and I read
      > > that has to do with intense male passion.
      > > Interestingly,my Mercury is
      > > oppose Tertia-Gorgonia,
      > I think that might be Rho Persei.
      > and I wonder if that can be
      > > communicating with
      > > passion which can lead to losing my head. I have
      > > Mercury conj
      > > Nekkar(head of Bootes)
      > aka Beta Bootis
      > which can be about thinking of
      > > a new way of
      > > life. My Mercury is conjunct Brachium(a star in
      > > Libra),
      > Sigma Librae, also known as Zubenalgubi
      > and I wonder if
      > > it has to do with justice and social reform.
      > If you see it as that...
      > Mark A. Holmes
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