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Great Attractor, Urania

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 21:09:41 -0500 From: Martina Subject: Re: Sarin, Pluto, etc Martina wrote: what your Urania is aspecting?? I m
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 7, 2005
      Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 21:09:41 -0500
      From: "Martina" <merskine@...>
      Subject: Re: Sarin, Pluto, etc

      Martina wrote:

      what your Urania is aspecting?? I'm curious about what made
      you crazy enough to go after all these stars,.... and that
      is meant in the nicest possible way of course!! Have you
      found what star (s) may have done that to you?? Think I'm
      gettig hooked here,....

      April 9, 1933, 10:13 AM EST, New Rochelle, NY; Urania at 13
      Libra 01 rx; in 4th, square Asc, trine Saturn in 8th.
      > And which black hole do you mean?

      Great Attractor is a black hole isn't it?? Pulling in all
      the galaxies? Or is it classified as something else?? (have
      to excuse me,.. not enough reading up on stars yet,...)

      Well, since the GA is a collection of galaxies, and the
      thinking now is that most galaxies have a black hole at
      their centers, I would think you could call that a black
      hole area!

      Did I send this? Don't remember...

      M10 Globular Cluster Ophiuchus' belly 13SA27 18 26 - 4 06 16 57 6.6 Gb
      (should be Serpens: this is the where the Serpent originally wrapped around Ophiuchus) NGC 6254
      Heliocentric SNode of Uranus 14SA00 0 00 -22 12 16 49
      This node moves forward in the zodiac at the rate of 0ยบ00'18.7606 per year
      The Great Attractor Cluster of Galaxies 14SA02 -38 54 -60 54 16 16 ----- GX Cluster
      Abell 3627: very massive nearby cluster of galaxies at the Norma/Triangulum Australis border (just
      beneath the flames of Ara, the Altar), mostly hidden by dust clouds; our galaxy & hundreds of others are
      swarming toward it; "a gargantuan agglomeration of matter whose existence has been inferred from the
      motions of thousands of galaxies thru space, exerting the gravitational muscle of 100,000 Milky Ways;
      the richest galaxy cluster in the southern sky."
      Sarin Delta Herculis left shouldr 14SA46 47 41 24 50 17 15 3.14 A3 IV
      Wei Epsilon Scorpii upper tail 15SA20 -11 44 -34 18 16 50 2.29 K2 III
      Lunar Mansions: China: a star of Wi (or Wei), the Tail of the Dragon (our tail of the Scorpion:
      called East Palace of the Imperial Prince (heir apparent), Celestial Court, Imperial
      Bedrooms (Wei was The Queen), also sometimes called The Nine Sons of the Emperor, Celestial Master
      of the Firmament, The Cutting of Trees, and "that which separates water from wood," such as a dam or a
      boat. It governed succession and inheritances. India: the same stars were Mula, "The Root," (symbol: a
      tied bunch of roots) ruled by Nirrti, Goddess of Destruction, personifying evil, corruption, decay (who,
      acc to Roebuck, "is worshipped mainly to ask her politely to keep away"); however, she is said to confer
      magical powers, & to protect those physically or mentally disabled, if they are good and kind (which fits
      the traditions here of Ophiuchus and Wajrik, the Magician (see Sabik, 17 Sag). Mula symbolizes non-
      violence, non-injury, and everything bound or rooted, tying-up, capturing, and "that which is one's own"
      Rho Herculis in Hercules' left thigh 15SA22 60 08 37 09 17 24 4.17 A0 V

      Also here: 60 Herculis (13SA36) in Hercules' face, 30
      Ophiuchi (14SA20) (should be Serpens - it's at the solar
      plexus, where Serpens coiled around Ophiuchus' body) and
      Globular Cluster NGC 6235 (14SA37) on the ecliptic between
      his feet. Modern: Alpha Apodis in Apus, the Bird of
      Paradise, Delta Trianguli Australis in the Southern Triangle
      and Mu Normae, in Norma, the Carpenter's Level and Square.
      Perihelion of Halley's Comet 1301 <15SA12>: "Little Ice Age";
      Pope Boniface VII issued Bull (1302) Unam Sanctum (to attain
      salvation, every man must be subservient to Rome). Start of
      14th Century: Black Death and Hanseatic League of
      sea-traders (Ophiuchus and Chinese Great Market!). The
      Autumnal Equinox was here ca 3,300 BCE, the approx date
      writing was invented in Sumer. This set runs from 12SA47 to

      >I thought for sure it had something to do with this, because it was a moth
      >to a flame experience. Crazy magnetism. Irresistible force. Really cool
      >stuff. Can you tell I kinda like Pluto??

      >Love, Martina

      Yeah. I can tell. :-)

      Love, Diana
    • Martina
      Hi Diana,... I ll check your chart,.... and thanks for the list,.. so Great Attractor IS part of it all. I m going to have to think about the other stuff,..
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 7, 2005
        Hi Diana,...
        I'll check your chart,.... and thanks for the list,..
        so Great Attractor IS part of it all. I'm going to have to think about the
        stuff,.. its a bit late here,.. I shall mull away while I'm at work
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