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Re: [thefixedstars] Sarin, Pluto, etc

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  • Martina
    Hi Diana,.... ... Well blast it,... when I saw mercury for Sarin,.. I thought- oh maybe a bit of thinking set off there,... ... Well,.. its one cool spot,
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 6, 2005
      Hi Diana,....
      > Unless you were born around 1900, you are a little
      > off:

      Well blast it,... when I saw "mercury" for Sarin,.. I thought- oh maybe a
      bit of thinking
      set off there,...

      > The 9-12 Sag area, which includes Antares, can be quite
      > obsessive, and Pluto simply gave it a double-whammy! I was
      > born with Pluto rising, square Sun, Venus, Uranus; obsessive
      > is my middle name.

      Well,.. its one cool spot, and I didn't mind it a bit. Natal Pluto-Jup sq
      Sun, Merc, Sat and opp Moon,..
      with a few bigger orbs there, .... Pluto-Jup is on IC.

      > I'd have to have your DOB and exact position of Urania (with
      > minutes) to have any idea of what the influence was.

      22 Nov 1955, 6:20 pm Halifax, Canada +4AST,... 28 Gem rising, 2 Pisces
      Urania at 12 sag 48. Can we have yours,. or what your Urania is aspecting??
      I'm curious about
      what made you crazy enough to go after all these stars,.... and that is
      meant in the nicest possible way
      of course!! Have you found what star (s) may have done that to you?? Think
      I'm gettig hooked here,....
      > And which black hole do you mean?

      Great Attractor is a black hole isn't it?? Pulling in all the galaxies? Or
      is it classified as something else??
      (have to excuse me,.. not enough reading up on stars yet,...)

      I thought for sure it had something to do with this, because it was a moth
      to a flame experience. Crazy magnetism. Irresistible force. Really cool
      stuff. Can you tell I kinda like Pluto??

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