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Looking for God

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    From Sky and Telescope s Weekly News Bulletin: LOOKING FOR A CREATOR S CALLING CARD If our universe was purposefully created -- perhaps by a deity or an
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2006
      Looking for God

      From Sky and Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin:


              If our universe was purposefully created -- perhaps by a deity or an advanced
              civilization in another universe -- could the creator have left a calling card in
              the microwave background?

              The idea is not as crazy as it seems. Cosmologists such as Andre Linde (Stanford
              University) and Alan Guth (MIT) have speculated that an advanced civilization
              could, in principle, cook up a new universe in a lab by concentrating huge
              quantities of energy into a tiny volume of space....

              In a paper posted on astro-ph, physicists Stephen Hsu (University of
              Oregon) and Anthony Zee (University of California, Santa Barbara) come up
              with an alternative idea: astronomers could look for an artificial message
              from the creator in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) -- the afterglow of
              the Big Bang....


      What struck me when I read this was that there has been so much in the news
      about religion and "intelligent design" -- and now even a couple of
      astronomers have gotten into the act...just as Pluto is transiting the celestial
      longitude and Right Ascension of the Galactic Center, in the area of the
      Scorpion's tail, with its determinant stars of India's ancient nakshatra Mula,
      "The Root," which I found has to do with the search for God, for answers, for
      humanity's "roots" (stars of Ara, the Altar are here as well).
      From my (not-yet-published) book (position 2000:0 - for 2006, add 5 minutes)

              Long    Lat     Dec     RA      M       Spec
      Delta Arae  in Ara, the Altar's flame   25SA33  -37 21  -60 41  17 31   3.62    B8 V
      Girtab Kappa Scorpii  end, Scorpion’s tail      26SA28  -15 39  -39 02  17 42   2.41    B2 IV
       Lunar Mansions: India: Mula, “The Root”
      Galactic Center  Black Hole in Sagittarius      26SA52  - 5 27  -28 51  17 46   IFR, RS, BH
        IFR source, Radio Source 026 - "Sagittarius A” - approximate location of the “Pistol Star,” a massive star of extraordinary

        intrinsic brightness in a pistol-shaped nebula, discovered by Hubble Space Telescope using camera sensitive to IFR emissions  

        that  penetrate dust clouds; at an absolute magnitude of -12.5, the luminous blue variable “could be most  energetic star in the

        heavens.” Besides a supermassive black hole, "thousands of superdense neutron stars and midget black holes lurk near the

       center of our galaxy."  The Galactic Center entered 0ยบ tropical Sagittarius in 66 CE: apparition of Halley’s Comet, downfall

       of Nero, start of Jewish revolt against Rome, Gospel of St Mark, Roman persecution of Christians, execution of St Peter.

       (Other authorities give 70 CE for it’s entry into Sag – the year of the destruction of the 2nd Temple). The GC was 0 Aries

       about 19,000 years ago (17,000 BCE), during the late Upper Paleolithic Magdalenian period (the last ice age, early cave

       paintings). The descending heliocentric node of Uranus was aligned with the Galactic Center in 575 CE, the year the Prophet

       Mohammed was born. The Galactic Center will reach 0 Capricorn in 2218 CE.

      From my Workbook:

      Darkness, hidden light. Intense, passionate longings; a search for the source. Religion, mysticism, metaphysics,
      philosophy, astronomy, astrology, aviation, space exploration, poetry. Reformers, struggle to get people to listen
      to them. Strive against depression, despair.  Fires, quakes, storms


      So, with obsessive Pluto transiting this area, there is right now, among all peoples of the Earth, an intensification
      of the human instinct to search for God, or at least for some explanation for humanity's roots, as well as 
      attempts to insist upon, or establish, each group's religious beliefs on this subject.
      As Spock would say, "fascinating"!

      I love this stuff!

      Love, Diana

      Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/

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