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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Forwarded from the Political Astrology list with Diana Rosenberg s permission. (She gave it to me once.) Just thought people on this list would be interested.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 21, 2005
      Forwarded from the Political Astrology list with Diana Rosenberg's
      permission. (She gave it to me once.)

      Just thought people on this list would be interested.

      Mark A. Holmes

      --- In PoliticalAstrology@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-
      stars@i...> wrote:

      From my book: positions are for 2000.0; for 2006, add 5 minutes:

      (alignments often are lost in tranmission; sorry about that)

      Mu Herculis in Hercules¡¯ left arm 25SA13 51 06 27 43 17
      46 3.42 G5 IV
      Cheleb Beta Ophiuchi with ¥ã, rt shoulder 25SA20 27 56 4 34
      43 2.77 K2 III
      Kelb Alrai, Cebalrai (from Arabic kalb al-rai, ¡°the Shepherd¡¯s
      Dog;¡± ¥á
      Ophiuchi was the Shepherd)
      Omicron Serpentis below Oph¡¯s rt hand 25SA24 10 29 -12 53 17
      41 4.26 A2 V
      Delta Arae in Altar's flame 25SA33 -37 21 -60 41 17 31 3.62
      B8 V
      Sargas Theta Scorpii in tail, before sting 25SA36 -19 39 -43
      00 17
      37 1.87 F0 I-II
      Lunar Mansions: China, India, see Epsilon Scorpii, 15 Sag; with
      Iota, Sar-
      ur "Director-of-Fire" in the
      Euphratean star-list
      Aculeus M6 Scorpii NE of sting 25SA45 - 8 51 -32 13 17 40 4.2
      "Butterfly Cluster" NGC6405
      Tso Kang 58 Ophiuchi at right foot 26SA09 1 42 -21 41 17
      43 4.87 F5 V
      Girtab Kappa Scorpii end, Scorpion¡¯s tail 26SA28 -15 39 -39
      02 17
      42 2.41 B2 IV
      Lunar Mansions: see Sargas; w/Lambda,Upsilon, Sar-gaz, ancient
      ¡°Director of Sacrifice¡±
      Galactic Center Black Hole in Sagittarius 26SA52 - 5 27 -28
      51 17
      46 IFR, RS, BH
      IFR source, Radio Source 026 - "Sagittarius A¡± - approximate
      location of
      the ¡°Pistol Star,¡± a massive star of extraordinary
      intrinsic brightness in a pistol-shaped nebula, discovered by
      Space Telescope using camera sensitive to IFR emissions
      that penetrate dust clouds; at an absolute magnitude of -12.5, the
      luminous blue variable ¡°could be most energetic star in the
      heavens.¡± Besides a supermassive black hole, "thousands of
      neutron stars and midget black holes lurk near the
      center of our galaxy." The Galactic Center entered 0¨¬ tropical
      Sagittarius in 66 CE: apparition of Halley¡¯s Comet, downfall
      of Nero, start of Jewish revolt against Rome, Gospel of St Mark,
      persecution of Christians, execution of St Peter.
      (Other authorities give 70 CE for it¡¯s entry into Sag - the year
      of the
      destruction of the 2nd Temple). The GC was 0 Aries
      about 19,000 years ago (17,000 BCE), during the late Upper
      Magdalenian period (the last ice age, early cave
      paintings). The descending heliocentric node of Uranus was cnj the
      Galactic Center in 575 CE, the year the Prophet
      Mohammed was born. The Galactic Center will reach 0 Capricorn in
      2218 CE.

      Also here: Pi, Lambda Arae (26SA17, 26SA27) in the Altar¡¯s flame, 87
      Herculis in his left arm (26SA10), Gamma Ophiuchi in right shoulder
      (26SA38), ¡°Iron Star¡± XX Ophiuchi (25SA49) above right hand
      variable with ionized iron lines ¡°of unusual strength¡± in spectrum
      Alpha Mensae (25SA18) in the far-southern modern constellation of
      the Table Mountain. The 1378 perihelion of Halley's Comet, <25SA59>
      just east of Xi Serpentis: papacy split, 2 popes elected: Urban VI
      at Rome,
      Clement VII at Avignon. John Wycliffe and Nicholas Hereford
      Bible into English. (Ara!). Span: 25SA06 to 27SA02.
      In the desert
      I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
      Who, squatting upon the ground,
      Held his heart in his hands,
      And ate of it.

      I said, "Is it good, friend?"
      "It is bitter - bitter," he answered;
      "But I like it
      Because it is bitter,
      And because it is my heart."
      - Stephen Crane (Mars
      here), The Black Riders

      Darkness and hidden light at the Galactic Center makes this a place
      intense, passionate longings, of struggles against the bonds of
      earth and
      incarnation. The Scorpion¡¯s tail is the area of the Hindu lunar
      Mula, ¡°Root¡± and there is an instinct to search for sources; this
      is a
      place of outreach, determination, ¡°true grit¡± and endurance under
      pressure, a search for origins, for reasons. With the influence of
      and tropical Sagittarius, some here are travelers, flyers and
      needing freedom, striving to escape the limitations of their bodies
      Earth¡¯s gravity (Mula governs all things bound or rooted).
      strong-willed, imperious, brooding, passionate and emotional with
      stormy and authoritarian personalities, they dig deep, into the
      ground, the
      sky, the origins of religion, geneology, obscure sources of
      knowledge for
      something to live, work and die for. Ara, the Altar and tropical
      Sagittarius add idealism, a belief in the benefic effects of
      learning and
      culture, and some become pioneering innovators, reformers and peace
      advocates, struggling to get people to listen to them. Intelligent
      perceptive, they nonetheless are both criticizers and criticized,
      finding themselves at odds with their families, neighbors, society,
      culture, or government. The Scorpion¡¯s sting tends to sullen anger;
      most are dedicated, never-say-die fighters, refusing to give in or
      under, even against great odds, others, too easily embittered, may
      give up
      or lash out, raging against the blows of fate. There is a black hole
      at the
      Galactic Center; the less enlightened refuse to examine their own
      natures, afraid to look into their own soul¡¯s dark mirror; seeking
      to find outside causes for their own or the world¡¯s troubles; a few
      make a scapegoat of God, insisting that S/He must be cruel,
      indifferent, or
      nonexistent, but others born under these stars may devote their
      lives to
      religion. Religion (or determined atheism), philosophy, mysticism,
      metaphysics, medicine, astronomy, astrology, aviation, space
      literature (especially playwrighting - they seem to hear dialogue in
      heads!), poetry, publishing, math, engineering, architecture and
      are some of the fields most frequently graced with their energy and
      talents. There seems to be a greater-than-average horror of war, for
      here are active in pacifist causes (Mula, paradoxically, symbolizes
      violence). Challenges include self-knowledge and self-discovery vs
      blame at others, cultivation of kindness, cheer, courage and personal
      redemption vs giving in to negativity, anger, depression, despair.The
      burden-bearing shoulder of healer Ophiuchus, his regenerating
      Serpent and
      the inspiring Altar combine to assist all who call upon them to work
      through the cares and responsibilities of their lives. Head
      problems, eye
      and ear ailments, addictions, suicide, especially by poison
      (Serpens); arm
      and shoulder ailments, speech defects (some texts mention blindness,
      but I
      have found only a few examples here); Fires, shipwrecks, space and
      events, air crashes, history-making battles, earthquakes, droughts,
      famines, epidemics, meteorite falls, archaeological discoveries,
      caused by carelessness

      Love, Diana

      PS: Sargas and Girtab are 2 of several determinant stars of the
      Vedic lunar
      mansion Mula, ¡°The Root,¡± (symbol: a
      tied bunch of roots) ruled by Nirrti, Goddess of Destruction,
      evil, corruption and decay
      (who, according to Roebuck, ¡°is worshipped mainly to ask her
      politely to
      keep away¡±); however, she is
      said to confer magical powers and to protect those physically or
      disabled, if they are good and kind Mula
      symbolizes non-violence, non-injury, and everything bound or
      rooted, tying-
      up, capturing, and ¡°that
      which is one¡¯s own¡±

      Website: http://pw1.netcom.com/~ye-stars/

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