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Re: [thefixedstars] Re: Birth data for France

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    ... Since France didn t come into being all at once, but evolved into being over a period of time, you do have a bunch of charts for France, and many people do
    Message 1 of 12 , Nov 11, 2005
      --- msbhavens1 <msbhavens1@...> wrote:

      > And the fRance of the Capets is definitely not the
      > France of today,
      > Aquitaine for instance was still Brittish
      > soil...Normandy and
      > Burgundy were on again off again, all those modern
      > principailties and
      > small countries on her easter borders were part of
      > then not... Beth

      Since France didn't come into being all at once, but
      evolved into being over a period of time, you do have
      a bunch of charts for France, and many people do use
      the Fifth Republic chart. But France was established
      definitely as a political unit beginning with Hugh
      Capet, and the chart I gave is the chart I prefer to

      Fixed star alignments for that chart include the
      following (Brady, Robson and Ebertin stars only).


      Castor (Alpha Geminorum)

      (From the brady.fst interps in SF5: "A twin to Pollux,
      both these stars struggle with the polarity of
      creative energy. Linked closely to writers, Castor is
      success or creativity which flows easily without pain
      and trauma.")

      Wasat (Delta Geminorum)


      Zosma (Delta Leonis)

      (From the brady.fst menu in SF5: "Located on the back
      of the Nemean Lion. Zosma is the point where the great
      lion's back was broken by Hercules. The lion
      represented the ancient goddess worship and the act of
      Hercules breaking its back is symbolic of the end of
      this era or the persecution of the feminine - the
      burning of witches. Zosma may be a victim or a person
      who fights for the victim.")


      Polis (Mu Sagittarii)


      Antares (Alpha Scorpii)

      (From the brady.fst menu in SF5: "One of the Royal
      Stars of Persia called 'The Watcher of the West."
      Being a Royal Star it can bring great success but the
      possible cause of undoing is that the person goes to
      excess or become obsessive. Obsession leads to a
      downfall. However, by keeping a balance between
      success with one's goals and the quality of life, the
      potential downfall is avoided."


      Algorab (Delta Corvi)


      Castra (Epsilon Capricorni)


      Zubenalchemali (Beta Librae)

      (From the brady.fst menu in SF5: "The northern scale
      of Libra, and its shadow companion to Zuben Elgenubi.
      Both stars are involved with social reform but this
      star is more involved with reform for its own ends.
      This may be expressed as reform without consultation
      or it may be someone who is without concern for the
      needs of society.")


      Zubenalgenubi (Alpha Librae)

      (From the brady.fst menu in SF5: "Both stars of the
      scales of Libra can be considered twins and,
      therefore, represent the polarity of a concept. The
      concept is of social reform and this star, although
      traditionally seen as the shadowy, more difficult
      star, is actually the one linked to the positive side
      of social awareness. When this star is strongly
      emphasized, the individual has a desire to be
      constructively involved in social reform.")


      Scheat (Beta Pegasi)

      (From the brady.fst interps in SF5: "Traditionally
      seen as a very negative star, it seems to be
      predominant in the charts of famous, free-thinking
      people. Different ideas, fast thinking, daring to
      think or to do the impossible.")

      North Node

      Nunki (aka Pelagus; Sigma Sagittarii)

      Mark A. Holmes

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005
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