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  • jodoch
    Hello The Fixed Stars, hello Diana, ... great to have it! ... For Diana, and all who are interested. You may improve it, too :-) - - - - - - Page 77
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2005
      Hello The Fixed Stars, hello Diana,

      Diana :

      >I wish it were in English - my French is extremely limited - but it's
      great to have it!

      For Diana, and all who are interested. You may improve it, too :-)

      - - - - - -

      Page 77

      « Etude historique et critique sur la peste » H.Emile Rebouis

      First Part

      First Chapter

      Of the general and distant cause

      Let's say first that the distant and first cause of this pest has been and
      still is a celestial constellation. For, in the year of the Lord 1345 there
      was an important conjunction of the 3 superieur planets in the sign of
      Aquarius, the 20th day of the month of March, at one hour of noon. This
      conjunction, as well as other conjunctions and eclipses that happened before
      the real cause of the mortal corruption of the air that surrounds us,
      announced the mortality and famine, as well as other curses that we will not
      mention, as not related to our subject. Let it be so, it is what Aristotles
      teaches us in his book on the causes of the elements proprieties, towards
      the middle, where he says : that the mortality of nations and the
      depopulation of kingdoms originates in the conjunction of two planets,
      Saturn and Jupiter, due to the exchange between those two stars, from
      triplicity to triplicity : resulting in serious accidents, as demonstrated
      by the ancient philosophers.

      Page 79

      Albert of Cologne, in his book on the properties of the elements (2nd
      treatise, chapter 1) also mentions the conjunction of two stars, Mars and
      Jupiter, bringing a great pestilence of the air, particularly when the
      conjunction of these heavenly bodies takes place in a moist and hot sign, as
      it happened then. Because Jupiter, a hot and moist planet, brought up the
      bad vapeurs of the earth and the sea.

      As for Mars, which is excessively hot and dry, it inflames these vapeurs
      brought up into the air.

      That is why the air is full of lightnings, flares, stinking vapeurs and
      fire, especially, because Mars, malefic planet, that engenders illness and
      war, since the 6th day of October of the year (13)47, till the end of May of
      this present year, was in the sign of Leo with the head of the Dragon; all
      these heavily bodies, which are hot, attract a great quantity of vapeurs, so
      that Winter was not as cold as it should have been. On the other hand,
      Mars, by its retrograde mouvement attracts from the earth and from the
      waters a certain quantity of vapeurs that, mixed with the air, corrupts its
      nature; and as it turns towards Jupiter in a malefic aspect, it results, in
      the fourth place, that these vapeurs engender a malefic disposition or an
      enemy quality and contrary in itself to human life. From this, violent winds
      rose, because, as Albert mentions in his

      Page 81

      fourth book on meteorites, Jupiter has the propriety of giving birth to
      strong winds, that normally are winds from the Midi (South), producing in
      our lower lands an excess of heat and moist. However, in our region,
      moistness overrid heat.

      We will insist no more, at present, on these general and distant causes.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      Albert of Cologne, Albertus Magnus, Saint Albert the Great :




      The Four Elements :



      - - - - - - -

      All the best,

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