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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Oct 4, 2005
      > Mark wrote:
      >> >Yeah, Seginus, with an S, is Gamma Bootis. My copy of
      >> SolarFire had Phi Bootis as Ceginus, with a C. No
      >> spelling error there, just two stars with almost
      >> identical names.

      DKR wrote:
      > That's a Solar Fire star-list error (there are lots of
      > them, unfortunately). For Ceginus/Seginus, see Allen, pp
      > 95 and 103.

      Mark wrote:

      >And they're probably pronounced the same, too, the
      >better to add to the confusion, right?

      Right! It was those medieval European astrologer/astronomers
      who used every distortion possible when trying to transcribe
      Arabic names!

      >> Another authority, Jobes' "Outer Space" has: "Seginus,
      >> Gamma Bootis: from Kheturus, Arabic orthography from the
      >> Greek Arcturus, Alpha Bootis. Also written Ceginus,
      >> Chegninus, Cheguius.
      >> Under Cepheus, Jobes has: "Medieval Latin derivatives:
      >> Caicans, Ceginus, Ceichius, Chegninus, Chegnius,
      >> Cheguinus, Chiphus, some of which also are attached to
      >> Bootes"
      > As I said, this is a Solar Fire error, and I'd hate to see
      > it carried forward - star names are confusing enough as it
      > is!
      > Very few stars as dim as Phi Bootis are named.
      >I'll correct it as soon as I can.

      Great. I'm glad.

      Love, Diana