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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Aug 3, 2014

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      The Complete Diploma Predictive Astrology Lecture Set and eBook as a Downloadable.
      Learn how to do good predictive astrology
      This is all the materials of the diploma module on Predictive Astrology taught by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg. It contains over 30 hours of lectures and a 154 page eBook full of examples and explanations. With this self-study package you can pace yourself, take a lecture once a week, work through the examples, learn how to weave it all together, and then finally Bernadette will show you how to produce a 'predictive package' for your clients or friends. Good predictive astrology is the key to any successful astrology practice and it is not learnt in a day. It takes time.  Pacing yourself through these lectures means that you build on your skills in a way that allows you to 'see' the patterns of a person's future.

      Watch Bernadette talking about 
      this set of lectures on YouTube
      What you learn
      Part One
      Bernadette introduces you to the idea of predictive astrology and what you are trying to achieve. You learn how to grade and sort transits, how to use tools like transit graphs and begin to look at the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

      Part Two
      In this section you start learn how to develop and read a Time Map, the tool that Bernadette uses to lay out the client's predictive work on a calendar so that the different elements can be seen together. Also in this section Darrelyn Gunzburg steps you through planetary cycles such as the Saturn Return and the cycles of the Mid-Life Crises years.
      Part Three
      Here you meet secondary progressions. You begin with the all-important Secondary Progressed Lunar Phase that sets up the rhythm of a person's life. Then other progressions are explored and mixed with the transits to show the unique blend of a person's future.
      Part Four
      Now you engage with planetary returns - primarily the Solar Return, but also you learn about the different lunar returns, Venus Returns, and the like. Also considered is the idea of a Wynn Key Cycle and its use for looking at critical days.
      Part Five
      In this section you learn how to use Firdaria, the planetary periods tool from Arabic and medieval astrology. Then with all these tools on hand, you learn how to pull them all together in order to make a meaningful jorney for yourself and/or your client, with each piece of predictive information woven together to form a cohesive story of the future.
      You can also take your astrology one step further - Online Seminars
      On the23 & 24 August Bernadette is running two special online master classes Profession and Wealth in a Chart

      When a child was born in the medieval period, often one of the questions asked of the medieval astrologer by the parent concerned the child’s future pathway in life: which child might be the heir to the property and which child might be given to the church? The astrologer would thus talk about the nature of the daimon in the chart, the passion that pulled a person forward through their life, shaping their profession, lifestyle, and dreams.  Such questions are just as relevant today and can be read in our modern charts. The idea of profession and income flow can also be linked with the Roman approach to wealth in a chart. Today we might describe that as how far or close we sit to the ‘river of life’ which we interpret as ‘money’.
      The course is based on and refers to Bernadette Brady's classic book:
      The normal web price for this entire package is  £190.00
      (About $320 US) 
      Just for this weekend -
      2 & 3 August
      you can download this entire
      package for
      £90.00 - that is about $150 US dollars.  

      This Predictive Astrology package is a downloadable set of materials and lectures. This means that there is no postage and no waiting. You download it directly to your computer as a zip fie. You can do this on a PC or a MAC.
      Look inside
      The Complete Predictive Astrology set of lectures to see the contents and the layout.  
      Ask us a question?

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