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6701Fw: Fixed Stars and also Nodes - Master Classes

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    May 26, 2014

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      Subject: Fixed Stars and also Nodes - Master Classes

        Online June Master Classes

      The Nodes

      The Stars 


      THE NODES 
      for Europeans, Australians and New Zealanders! 
      What does it mean to have a planet affecting your nodal axis? What does it mean to have the transiting node affecting your chart?
      On Sunday 8 June at 9:00 am (UK Time)  a special Master Class on the Nodes - by Bernadette Brady, Nodes in the natal chart and in transits  (an hour later in Europe and the afternoon in Australia and evening in New Zealand.
      for Europeans, and USA astrologers
      Saturday 7 June at 15:00 (UK time)
      Fixed Stars and Charts - Part 1

      This Masterclass will introduce you to  the most ancient way of working with fixed stars. If you do not know your fixed star parans, then go here to ask them to be emailed to you - this is one of our free services. The stars add depth to your understanding of the natal chart. In this master class we will focus on the big bright stars and also the Royal Stars of Persia.
      Sunday 8 June at 15:00 (UK time)
      Fixed Stars and Charts - Part 2 - advanced
      Working with attendees' own natal fixed stars we will add more stars and focus on difficult planetary combinations. In this master class we will be working on the stars which have big mythology - they may be small in the sky but can have a big impact on your life.
      By the end of these two separate master classes you will be able to look at a paran list of fixed stars and have a working knowledge of how to combine this with a person's natal chart.  
      Certificate of Attendence - If you attend both Fixed Star Master Classes Bernadette Brady will issue you with a certificate of attendance.
      Master Classes are taught online - you see and hear Bernadette and Darrelyn and they can see and hear you in real time. Astro Logos uses the world class WebEx platform for our Master Classes
      All Master Classes are £54 each. You can browse all 2014 Astro Logos Online Master Classes here. Our 2014 topics include:
       Eclipses, Nodes, Fixed Stars,
      Aspects, Sky Maps and Star Myths,
      Reading Charts - patterns and natal story, Profession and Wealth,
      Predictive Astrology

      The Fixed Star Master Classes are based on Bernadette Brady's books and software 
      Not sure of what is the best Master Classes for you then check out our handy Guide to the Master Classes or email us and ask us a question 

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