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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Feb 23, 2014

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      Subject: Medieval Lecture Series special

       Medieval Astrology Lecture Series ...
      now on offer as a digital download!
       £99.00 reduced to £59.00 just till 3 March.

      Add medieval astrology thinking and techniques to your contemporary charts 
      Lecturer Dr Bernadette Brady.

      Download just one set of lectures or all four sets - the entire diploma - no postage! no waiting!

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      Over 46 hours of lectures, handouts and a 302 page eBook 'The Medieval Study Guide' as a PDF in four parts by Bernadette Brady. Learn the philisophy that underpins the way that aspects and meanings of signs and planets were used from a medieval perspective and which still continue to have meaning today. Understand profession in the horoscope, issues of money, wealth, Ptolemy's levels of fame and the Roman astrological ideas of slavery, along with matters to do with marriage. You will also learn about the vitality of life and spiritual force in any given chart, and the person's idea of the divine, God, faith which is reflected in their horoscope. Predictive techniques are also covered. Receive as an instant download - no postage to pay or waiting for delivery... (read more)
       or buy here...

      Serving the world's astrological community since 1990.

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