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6470Lunar eclipse, November 28, 2012: stellar alignments

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  • mahtezcatpoc
    Dec 2, 2012
      --- In the_eclipses@yahoogroups.com, Mark Andrew Holmes <mahtezcatpoc@...> wrote:
      > At 2:45 p.m. UT at 6 Gemini 46.
      > Sabian symbol for 6 Gemini: "An old-fashioned well."
      > Sepharial symbol for 6 Gemini: "A peaceful valley; a lake on which a swan is floating. At the back rises a high mountain."

      Aligned with the following fixed stars:

      FT Camelopardalis (nova)
      AM Cassiopeiae (nova)
      The Little Queen (Harrington STAR 25 Draconis; a small asterism resembling Cassiopeia)
      Adid Borealis (Delta Persei)
      Adid Australis (Epsilon Persei)
      California Nebula (NGC 1499 Persei)
      Kapteyn's Star (VZ Pictoris)
      Ati (Psi Tauri)
      T Tauri (variable star)
      Crystal Ball Nebula (NGC 1514 Tauri)
      Struve's Lost Nebula (NGC 1554 Tauri)
      Hind's Variable Nebula (NGC 1555 Tauri)

      The Hyades (aligned with the following stars in the Hyades):

      Prima Hyadum (Gamma Tauri)
      Secunda Hyadum (Delta-1 Tauri)
      Phaeo (Theta-1 Tauri)
      Calyce (Omega-2 Tauri)
      Ambrosia (58 Tauri)
      Polyxo (71 Tauri)

      Mark A. Holmes