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602Current fixed star alignments (August 1, 2005)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Aug 1, 2005

      Alhecka (Heart of the Crow: Zeta Corvi)


      Talitha (Iota Ursae Majoris; in the Great Bear's


      Skat (Delta Aquarii), Situla (Kappa Aquarii), North
      America Nebula (NGC 7000 Cygni)


      Alnair (Alpha Gruis)


      Rasalhague (Alpha Ophiuchi)


      Zubenalgenubi (Alpha Librae); R Coronae Borealis


      "[A] yellow supergiant star [which] is the prototype
      of a class of variable stars, which fade by several
      magnitudes at irregular intervals....

      "The cause of this behaviour is believed to be a
      regular build-up of carbon dust in the star's
      atmosphere. The sudden drop in brightness may be
      caused by a rapid condensation of dust, resulting in
      much of the star's light being blocked. The gradual
      restoration to normal brightness results from the dust
      being dispersed by radiation pressure."

      I've obtained keywords of "release" and
      "accomplishment" for this star.


      Capulus (H/Chi Persei; the Sword-Handle Cluster in


      Porrima (aka Caphir; Gamma Virginis)


      Alpha Indi

      Anser (Alpha Vulpeculae)

      Antinous (Eta Aquilae; marking the head of Antinous,
      the boy the Eagle holds in its talons)

      North Node

      Nu Fornacis

      Gladius Frederici (the Sword of King Frederick: Iota

      At the top of the news (besides the announcement
      discovery of the solar system's tenth planet:)

      Bush made the notorious John Bolton UN Ambassador in a
      recess appointment, and the UN says they'll work with
      him, though Kofi Annan cautions that he's only one of
      190 UN envoys and he'll have to work with them to get
      what he wants.

      The military trials at Guant`anamo may be rigged.

      The Discovery astronauts will perform a spacewalk to
      try and fix a worrisome phenomenon of protruding
      fabric strips on the shuttle's underbelly.

      Pro baseball player Rafael Palmeiro (of the Baltimore
      Orioles) has been suspended for 10 days for using

      The California Supreme Court has ruled that country
      clubs must offer gay members who register as domestic
      partners the same discounts given to married couples.

      There are complaints about a Bible study course
      offered in public schools in the US; the course is
      allegedly riddled with factual errors, takes a
      fundamentalist viewpoint and proselytizes.

      A rapist known as the A.M. Rapist is terrorizing

      A hospital in Bismarck, North Dakota opens a
      meditation room for such things as Muslim prayers and
      Native American smudgings, believed to be the first
      one of its kind in the US.

      King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has died, and Crown Prince
      Abdullah is now King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

      Riots in Sudan following the death of Sudanese Vice
      President John Garang in a plane crash.

      British police continue to arrest suspects in the
      failed London bombing.

      Nine babies have been found buried in a "garden" (a
      backyard of a house?) in the eastern German village of
      Brieskow-Finkenheerd; born between 1988 and 2004, they
      all died shortly after birth. The 39-year-old mother
      has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter.

      A corruption scandal in the government of Brazil's
      president Lula da Silva has cost one top Brazilian
      lawmaker his job; the president of one of the
      country's major parties has resigned.

      In Mexico, grenades were thrown into a crowd attending
      a cockfight in Tonala, Jalisco, near Guadalajara,
      killing four people and injuring more than two dozen.

      The monsoon season in western India is disastrously
      heavy, with deadly flooding.

      The political crisis in the Philippines continues.

      Mark A. Holmes

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