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5601Re: Barbara Watters' rules of travel and Tenerife airport disaster in 1977

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  • Shevtsova
    Jul 31 2:34 PM
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      > Barbara Watters' rules of travel from"Horary Astrology and the Judgment of
      > Events", page 133:
      > "The first house rules the ship, aircraft, bus, spacecraft, or train that
      > is the means of travel and carries the passengers. The Moon rules the
      > passengers. The Sun rules the captain, engineer, pilot, or driver of the
      > vessel or vehicle, who is responsible for its safe conduct. The fourth
      > house rules the point of departure, the seventh rules the area traversed,
      > the ports of call, and the adventures encountered on the way. The tenth
      > rules the destination or, in old fashioned language, he fate of the
      > journey and passengers. With our modern orientation toward belief in free
      > will, we are inclined to forget the classical meaning of the tenth -- "the
      > house of fate."


      The Linate Airport Disaster occurred on 8 October 2001, at Linate Airport in
      Milan, Italy. Scandinavian Airlines Flight 686, an MD-87 plane carrying
      110 people and headed to Copenhagen, Denmark, collided on take-off with a
      Cessna Citation II (registration D-IEVX) business jet carrying four, heading
      to Paris, France. All 114 people on board the two aircraft were killed, as
      were four on the ground; a further four people on the ground were injured.
      The accident investigation report identified first the pilot of the Cessna
      at fault, but also a number of deficiencies in the airport layout and

      The accident occurred on departure at 8:09:28, and there were thick fog
      Ascendant 21 Libra on SPICA trine Moon 21 Gemini ruler of 10th of Fate of
      the journey, square Venus 21 Gemini ruler of 8th of death on 12th of
      self-undoing or secret enemies. Sun 15 Libra in 12th, ruler of Captain in
      T-square to Jupiter and Saturn antiscia opposed to Jupiter, which show the
      lack of obedience to the rules.

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