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55Star orbs/Khambalia/Antares/Han

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  • Diana K. Rosenberg
    Mar 2, 2005
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      > Date: Wed, 02 Mar 2005 01:47:05 -0000
      > From: "mahtezcatpoc" <mahtezcatpoc@...>
      >Subject: Re: Star orbs

      Mark wrote:

      >I know I have Vesta conjunct Khambalia (Lambda Virginis)
      >using a 1-degree orb; using Joseph Rigor's orb for Khambalia
      >(1 30') I also have Mars conjunct it. I don't believe I have
      >enough experience with fixed stars yet to decide whether I
      >should use wider orbs or not. Maybe this relatively
      >conservative approach will end up working out for me,

      That's interesting - Khambalia is associated with foot
      problems and/or lameness. Does this relate to anything in
      your life?

      An interesting example: the 14th-century Uzbek conqueror
      Tamerlane had Khambalia culminating, and he was
      "Timor-I-Lenk" - Timor the Limper, because of an early
      injury to his foot.
      >I also have Moon conjunct Antares, and I've never tried to
      >con anybody, but when I get really interested in something
      >(say, asteroid research) I can be pretty energetic about it;
      >maybe this aspect has something to do with my tastes in art,
      >music, and literature as well. I like hard rock; authors
      >like Bret Easton Ellis and H.P. Lovecraft; artists like
      >Dali, Francis Bacon, Goya, and Albrecht Durer; and horror

      Interesting! It fits, because under cheery, outgoing Sag is the
      brooding Scorpion...

      > While I think that the notorious Super Bowl
      >half-time show with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake was
      >probably inappropriate (that breast-baring stunt was sprung
      >on people, and they should have known that a lot of viewers
      >wouldn't have appreciated it), I'm also suspicious of this
      >zeal some people have to sanitize the airwaves and the

      I absolutely agree with you here.

      From the Report Writer: people with Moon with Starset Antares
      (from 9 Sag 20 to 12 Sag 46

      This starset also includes Tau Scorpii, one of two
      Praecordia, "Veins which Suspend the Heart" or "Outworks of
      the Heart" Rastaban (also called Alwaid), Beta Draconis, the
      eye of Draco, the Dragon, Kuma, Nu2 Draconis in his head,
      Omega Ophiuchi in the left foot of Ophiuchus, the
      Serpent-Bearer (stepping on, and, some say, crushing, the
      Scorpion-of-death); the Greeks said Ophiuchus was
      Aesculapius, the great physician, Son of Apollo, Globular
      Custer M12 and "gigantic" supermassive colliding
      Galaxies/Black Holes (NGC 6240) in the chest of Ophiuchus
      (these rightly belong to Serpens, the Serpent, for early
      texts describe the Serpent winding around the great shamanic
      figure of Ophiuchus) (serpents have always been associated
      with healing and renewal, because they shed their skins and
      grow new ones) Pi Herculis in the left groin or thigh of
      Hercules, the Strong Man.

      Examples of the Moon here include Dr Denton Cooley, heart
      surgeon (Ophiuchus: Aesculapius the physician, and Antares,
      the Scorpion's Heart!), Thomas Henry Huxley, 19th century
      zoologist, navy surgeon and author, President of the Royal
      Society, Nicholas Copernicus, 15th-16th-century
      paradigm-altering astronomer, mathematician and astrologer,
      Robert Clive, 18th-century soldier, statesman and empire
      builder (moody, restless, quarrelsome, fought a duel,
      suicide attempts, died by suicide), Lieutenant Colonel
      George Armstrong Custer, impetuous, glory-seeking
      19th-century cavalry officer and indian fighter (killed by
      Sioux and Cheyenne warriors at the Battle of Little Big
      Horn), T E Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia"), adventurer and
      author (killed in a motorcycle accident), Pablo Picasso,
      Yoko Ono, artists, Sir Bob Geldoff, musician and
      humanitarian, Maurice Chevalier, singer-entertainer, Guy
      Lombardo, bandleader, Marge Champion, dancer, Hal Holbrook
      (famous for his portrayal of Mark Twain, who was born with
      the Sun here), Anne Bancroft, Rock Hudson (died of AIDS),
      actors, Oprah Winfrey, actress and talk show hostess, Elie
      Wiesel, author, Alexander Woollcott, vituperative,
      acid-tongued journalist ("a caged cobra"), Friedrich
      Nietzche, 19th-century philosopher (half blind, migraines,
      "manifold physical agonies" possibly due to syphilis-became
      insane), Mark Spitz, Olympic multiple-gold-medal swimmer

      >My Moon is also conjunct Han (Zeta Ophiuchi)

      Interesting that you mentioned Francis Bacon, because his
      NNode is aligned with Han (born 10 28 1909, Dublin, Ireland)

      Love, Diana
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