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528Reply to Diana: Zeta Corvi (SF5 fixed-star positions)

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Jul 7, 2005
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      --- Mark Andrew Holmes <mahtezcatpoc@...> wrote:

      > --- "Diana K. Rosenberg" <ye-stars@...>
      > wrote:
      > [me]
      > the heart of Corvus the Crow is marked by
      > > Zeta
      > > >Corvi at 24 Aries 10
      > [you]
      > > Zeta Corvi is 13 Libra 48 - can be very harsh -
      > for
      > > instance, Mercury 9/11, cnj Asc 1st WTC hit

      [me earlier]
      > Yeah, that's an obvious mistake; I mean, Algorab is
      > in
      > Corvus, too, and Corvus isn't very big, and Algorab
      > is
      > in Libra right now. I was pretty tired last night.


      The epoch-2000 coordinates for Zeta Corvi are right
      ascension 12h20m33.7s, declination -22°12'57", and
      when I entered the right-ascension values into
      SolarFire 5's fixed-star editor, I inadvertently left
      off the first digit of the hour value. Like I

      And the results I got when I entered these epoch-2000
      coordinates were the July 7, 2005 coordinates, which
      are 13 Libra 52'36", which you can round to the
      nearest minute--13 Libra 53. I think the program is
      automatically factoring in the arc of procession
      (about five minutes) between now and the epoch-2000
      position when it calculates these fixed-star

      Mark A. Holmes

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