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5207Re: Washington ice storm and sidereal Capricorn, tropical Aquarius

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  • msbhavens1
    Jan 5, 2010
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      You know here in sunny southern Ca we dont get a whole lot of ice and sluch, BUT last week was unseasonably colder than usual, the icy temps broke Sunday, well late saturday night, but until then it was cold enough that my mother said it reminded her of the icy cold winter of 68. which was the coldest winter that I recall in this area. I think I'll do some comparison!


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      > Washington ice storm
      > Posted by: "Diana K Rosenberg" fixed.stars@... dkr663
      > Date: Fri Jan 1, 2010 3:37 pm ((PST))
      > Barbara Finch sent: Re: Happy New Year
      > Posted by: "Barbara" xiexiebarb@... xiexiebarb
      > Date: Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:32 am ((PST))
      > We had an ice storm overnight. Not too bad, thankfully, but we've gotten
      > pushed into winter early here in the Wash DC area, what with 22-24" of snow
      > and now ice. Wish I could send some of the cold weather to you all who are
      > sweltering down in Australia and
      > NZ!=========================================================================
      > ===
      > Hi Barbara and All,
      > I couldn't resist running the 12/31 Full Moon chart to see if Capricornus,
      > the Sea-Goat turned up in a prominent place - he's the snow-and ice and
      > frigid weather guy! (In tropical degrees, all of Capricornus is now overlaid
      > with Aquarius, so that's what I look for). Sure enough, Tau Capricorni in
      > the neck of the little fishy goat was Culminating, with
      > Chiron-Neptune-Jupiter in the 10th huddled together at Deneb Algedi (Delta
      > Capricorni) and Kuh (Mu Capricorni), all in the Sea-Goat's tail.
      > Here's what Manilius (ca 10 AD astrologer) wrote about him: Frigid
      > Capricornus, born to bear the cold, coiled up inside his constricted
      > allotment of stars, ushers in winter...the Sea-Goat, its extremities
      > contracted by cold, impels lethargic winter, lasting through both the
      > shortest day and longest night, [then] starts to prolong daylight and banish
      > darkness. Fields are iced over, sea-ice blocks shipping, camps remain
      > unmoving; stones are coated with frost; powerless during frozen midwinter;
      > the natural world holds still and unmoving.
      > The Hyades in the Bull's head (1st decan of tropical Gemini) are rising -
      > known for producing what the weathermen call "precip"; the Part of Weather
      > (Asc + 4th cusp minus Moon) came out at 29 Gem conj Hades in the 2nd; the
      > Part of Blizzard (my invention), 8th cusp + Venus minus Neptune was 8 Scorp
      > 30 conj wet Poseidon in the 6th and squaring the MC/IC; the Sun-Moon
      > opposition squared Washington's East Geodetic Vertex/Avx which are 9
      > Libra-Aries 59. So Washington was awash in snow and ice.
      > About Manilius - I get a huge kick out of seeing the ancient astrologers
      > proven right - and Capricornus and ice have worked for me over and over
      > again - I even once found an envelope I had lost on the way to the bank,
      > with a major check inside it, by using him - when the horary showed Mercury
      > in the 8th in tropical Aquarius/sidereal Cap, I went back outside and
      > searched in the roadway slush, and there it was (hard to see because the
      > envelope was white).
      > Anyway, the very best wishes to all of you (and a big hug for you, Barbara)
      > for a wonderful New Year!
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com <http://ye-stars.com/>
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