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5106RE: [thefixedstars] VY Canis Majoris

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Thank you, Mark! I've added it to the book. 2000 position: 28 Can 00

      (I hope alignments don't get messed up)

      Note that this starset has the highest score of fires. Ancient Chinese
      called Psi Can "The Fire Officer" and Mu Can "Piled-up Kindling"

      Long Lat Dec
      RA M Spec
      Tau Puppis in Stern, near rudder of Argo 27CA44 -72 51 -50 37 6 50
      2.93 K0 III
      VY Canis Majoris Dog's rump/tail 28CA00 -47 13 -25 46 7 23
      7.96 M5e Ia
      Colossal red hypergiant; largest known star; 4,500 light yrs from Earth;
      may go supernova at any time;
      spews vast quantities of gas and dust into space, including carbon, oxygen,
      Gxy M82 Ursae Major behind ear B Hole 28CA58 52 06 69 41 9 56 8.4
      Mu Cancri back edge of Crab’s shell 29CA29 1 21 21 35 8 08
      5.30 G2 IV
      M81 Ursae Majoris behind ear Black Hole 29CA30 51 35 69 04 9 56
      6.8 GX/BH
      Aludra Eta Canis Majoris Dog’s rump 29CA32 -50 37 -29 18 7 24
      2.44 B5 Ia

      Also here: Psi Cancri (29CA15) in Crab’s North hind legs; Tau, 16 Ursae
      Majoris (27CA36, 29CA17)) in & under Big Bear’s head, Open Cluster M47
      Puppis (29CA08) above-behind Argo’s stern; HD66684 (27CA45) at Twins' heads;
      HD145622 & Zeta (28CA34, 29CA39 - should be Hydra?) in body of Ursa Minor.
      Modern: Alpha Monocerotis (29CA17) in the Unicorn’s belly, & Thumbprint
      Nebula (29CA23) in head of Cameleopardalis, the Giraffe. 28 Cancer is the
      degree of the fall of Mars. Span: 27CA31 to 29CA55. The Sun transits these
      longitudes approximately July 19th to July 22nd.

      The Sun departs from the Twins and the constellation of the Crab flames red.
      On Aventine hill, the worship of Pallas begins...
      - Ovid (Mars and Pluto here), Fasti XIII, Kalends 19th, 1st century

      Commanding, resourceful, visionary, these fiercely emotional achievers put
      on a tough front, seeing themselves as heroes, demanding high standards and
      success of themselves, and loyalty from others. There is a good sense of
      strategy, whether military, political, or business; ambitious and
      structured, the stronger among them have no patience for ignorance or
      ineptitude; they are, however, intensely sensitive to their environment and
      their place within it. Imagery, mythology, and all forms of symbolism are
      their natural elements; poetry, prosody and melody pour from them as
      naturally as a river, and a strong sense of theatre and the drama inherent
      in everyday life infuses their experiences. Here tropical and sidereal
      Cancer combine; the Crab and two black holes in Ursa Major’s head make them
      crabby and bearish, with major issues of strength of character and
      willpower, for the less focussed among them may indulge in morbid
      ruminations, dwelling upon, and indulging, their weaknesses, fears, sins or
      misfortunes, ever longing for redemption. Collectors and compilers, some of
      them surround themselves with accumulations of objects, ideas and data in an
      enveloping clutter. In their behaviour towards others, some believe in
      “being cruel only to be kind;” in extreme cases, they may become heartless,
      even sadistic and murderous. Philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, astrology,
      concepts of law, communications, and human rights are matters of concern
      here, as well as excessive sensuality: they are fascinated by sex, drawn to
      bondage, and can be either fanatically correct in their behavior or weak,
      unstable, and scandal-prone. Here the legendary faithfulness of the Greater
      Dog and the fierce maternal instincts of the Great Bear teach devotion and
      loving care, while the celestial Crab guards the shoreline between our world
      of sheltered appearances and the great ocean abyss of endless mystery.
      Multiple births, birth anomalies, eye problems, Parkinson's disease, wounds,
      exile, addiction, pedophilia.
      Fires!!! (an extremely high score), explosions, invasions, attacks, battles,
      fleets, war, assassination, shipwrecks, train wrecks, foul air, epidemics,
      meteorite falls

      Love, Diana

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      ** Herschel 'fingerprints' huge star **
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