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456Karla Homolka

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  • Mark Andrew Holmes
    Jun 5, 2005
      Karla Homolka
      May 4, 1970
      12:20 a.m. EDT
      Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

      (I think this data is correct.)

      Alignments as follows, given this data:


      Almach (Gamma Andromedae), Menkar (Alpha Ceti), Cih
      (Gamma Cassiopeiae)

      (Cih's name comes from the Chinese for "whip")


      Omega Fornacis (marks the obsolete constellation
      Machina Electrica, the Electric Machine)

      (could account for Homolka's weird views about what
      she's done and her atrocious relationship choices)


      10 Tauri (marks the obsolete constellation Psalterium
      Georgii, George's Harp)

      (harping on something? making angels out of someone?)


      Ain (Epsilon Tauri) (Ebertin called this Northern Bull
      Eye); also, 49 Cassiopeiae (marks the obsolete
      constellation Tarandus, the Reindeer, associated with
      timidity by Robson)


      Toliman (aka Bungula, Rigilkent) (Alpha Centauri)


      Copula (M-51 Canum Venaticorum, the Whirlpool Galaxy),
      Cor Caroli (Alpha Canum Venaticorum) (marks the collar
      of one of the Hunting Dogs, Chara ["the dear one"])


      Algenib (Gamma Pegasi)

      (means "the wing" or "the side", or according to
      Bullinger, "one who carries")


      Alpha Sculptoris (in Sculptor the Sculptor)

      (guilt "carved in stone" [?])


      Algenib (Gamma Pegasi); Erakis (Mu Cephei) (known as
      "The Garnet Star" for its deep red color, which some
      observers have actually compared to a drop of blood)

      North Node

      Situla (Kappa Aquarii) (in the stream of water
      Aquarius is pouring out from his jug; Situla means
      "bucket"); also the North America Nebula

      (there have been freedom-of-the-press issues
      surrounding this case, with the American media taking
      a much less restrictive approach than the Canadian

      South Node

      Zosma (Delta Leonis); also Theta Antliae, which is
      part of the obsolete constellation Felis the Cat (it
      marks the Cat's front paws)


      Polis (Mu Sagittarii); Polaris Australis (Sigma
      Octantis, in Octans the Octant; the closest star
      visible with the naked eye to the south celestial
      pole--actually, it's just barely visible to the naked
      eye at barely fifth magnitude ["easy to lose your
      way", "misguided"?])

      The Vertex

      Acubens (Alpha Cancri), Kocab (Beta Ursae Minoris)
      (Ebertin links Kocab with suicide; self-destruction or
      self-sabotage may be more likely)

      East Point

      Terebellum (Omega Sagittarii)

      Mark A. Holmes

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