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  • Astrocalypse
    Aug 12, 2008
      In England, the Armistice day is called the Remembrance Day. Although
      the two minutes silence are observed by some, especially those in public
      domain, I doubt if many people do (at least not in the offices where I
      used to work). In the office where I work, we did observe the two
      minutes silence last year but the managers are passed retirement age and
      it is a quasi-local authority office. The focus of remembrance instead
      is on the second Sunday of November, the Remembrance Sunday. Armistice
      day in numeric terms would be 11:11:11.

      Doreen Virtue has apparently said 11:11 is a message from angels telling
      us that we are heading the right direction in our lives, or that we can
      all make a wish for peace when we see these numbers! I wish for peace
      at all times not only when I receive a heavenly reminder! With so many
      people's attention drawn to 11:11 in the past year, it has got to be a
      message for the collective but I am not certain as human beings we are
      heading the right way. Or rather, there are more human doings rather
      than beings these days, and many beings are inauthentic - not
      surprising, since many have internalised admonitions to tell them not
      'to be' and expected the same of others.

      Anyway, I digressed. The 11:11 rather reminds me of
      years/months/days/hours before 9/11 that many people have received
      'messages' but few really knew what was going to happen. So it is worth
      sparing some thoughts on the subject to try working out what it means,
      at least for those of us getting the message anyway.
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