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  • msbhavens1
    Aug 11, 2008
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      Nope, I wanted to know is the Lunar Eclipse also a 10 Saros South
      Eclipse or does it belong to its own family? as in the august 1st
      SOLAR eclipse is 10 Saros South, But does it follow that the Lunar
      Eclipse is also? I believe it has its own family, but can't find the
      reference. dag nabit :( and Brady book gives the solar but not lunar
      eclipse families so having fun trying to find the answer.

      My natal Saturn is at 10 Aqu 15, natal moon at 18 Leo 45, and natal
      sun at 23 Aries 39, I think both eclipse are significant for me, but
      want more data. I'm afraid I'm a data banana. :)


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, sisterbellabee@... wrote:
      > In a message dated 8/10/2008 9:15:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
      > msbhavens1@... writes:
      > is the lunar eclipse that follows a solar eclipse in the same
      > series, for instance, Lunar eclipse occurs on 16th, is it also a
      > Saros South Eclipse or does it belong to its own seperate
      > Hi MissB!
      > The eclipse 'season' is a time when the Sun falls near to the
      lunar nodes.
      > During this time there are eclipses, twice a year, about six
      months apart
      > (the nodes form a natural axis of opposition in the ecliptic
      zodiac, so every
      > six months there will be eclipses, both solar and lunar, around
      the nodes).
      > The saros *family* of 10 North and the saros *family* of 10 South
      have made
      > their appearance this past year when the Sun approached the north
      lunar node
      > in Aquarius, and the south lunar node in Leo. There were solar
      and lunar
      > eclipses during each transit of the Sun to the nodes.
      > Next year's saros cycles will be of 11 North and 11 South; the Sun
      will be
      > quite close to the nodes during the eclipses and so the solar
      eclipses will be
      > very strong central eclipses, 'total', with less noticeable
      penumbral lunar
      > eclipses before and after the solar eclipses.
      > Does this answer your question?
      > Sincerely, Sherri
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