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  • helen Ms
    Nov 1, 2007
      Diana, i can't tell about the exact time but i think the Classic was several minutes late than 5.35. i was just too carried away to think of noting down the exact time. Your analysis is just wonderful as usual, thanks.

      Diana K Rosenberg <fixed.stars@...> a √©crit :
      > > --- In thefixedstars@ yahoogroups. com,
      > "govanderavi" <govanderavi@>
      > > wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Event chart for 2007 Breeders Cup Classic to be
      > run at 5.35 PM at
      > > > Monmouth NJ.
      > > > Capella is Rising & Mercury is setting, Pluto is
      > in trine with the
      > > > ascendent. As per Brady`s Book Capella is
      > associated with need for
      > > > independence, Freedom
      > > > in the runners one name is George Washington
      > > > Symbolically George Washington Should Win?
      ]]]]]]]]]]]] ]]]]]]]]] ]]]
      I just got around to checking out the Breeders Cup chart -
      26 Aries 08 Rising, which is the stars of the cord of the West
      Fish of Pisces (with Pegasus above it), so I was puzzled by govanderavi' s
      reference to Capella; when I ran it in Starlight, I saw that Capella
      was co-rising but well along the horizon - way before it (closer to the Asc)
      was the Head of the Ram - Hamal, Mesarthim, Sharatan - the Ram is/was
      known for its (curly) fleece (Curlin was the winner), and then came
      the left knee of Perseus, and only then came Capella.
      Chart ruler Mars aligned with a cluster in the mane of Monoceros, the Unicorn,
      the NNode was aligned with Nu Pegasi in the head of the Flying Horse,
      Venus aligned with Chara, Beta Canes Venatici in the head of one of the
      hunting dogs, the Moon aligned with Tau Perseus in the head of the Hero,
      the MC aligned with stars of the Southern Crown; with so many heads,
      I think Curlin, whose name reminds me of curly hair, was the beneficiary
      About the horse George Washington, who had to be put down because of an injured
      right foreleg, Uranus in the 12th (house of large animals) aligned with Iota2 Pegasi
      in the right front leg of the Flying Horse! (Uranus co-ruled the 11th, which is the
      12th of the 12th).
      Taking it another way, GW was a horse from overseas, i.e. ninth house; the ruler of the 9th
      of foreign countries was Jupiter, in the sign of foreign countries in the 8th-of-death, squared by
      Venus, ruler of the 7th, which is the 8th of the 12th, the house of death of large animals;
      at the same time Pluto, co-ruler 8th, was in the 9th, at the Galactic Center (a black hole and
      home of the Pistol Star). (Interesting: Pres George Washington had the NNode at
      26Sag47; Pluto here was 26 Sag 57)
      About Capella - besides the wonderful things you can say about it, it is the Alpha star
      of Auriga, the Charioteer, a figure associated with crippling disabilities.  The Sept
      SolEcl had Mars aligned with Capella (and the US natal Mars), and there has been
      a flurry of activity (not only in the US but in other nations as well), to improve services
      and conditions for disabled vets.
      The Solstice Pt of the Saturn-SNode cnj was 24-25 Aries at the Asc, and with the Moon just a
      degree shy of the sorrowful (and wet) Pleiades, there was to be some sadness here.
      Love, Diana
      PS: by the way, with the Fishes rising and the Uranus-Node midpoint not only in tropical
      Pisces but at the mouth of the Urn of the Water-Pourer, the track was a wet, soggy, deeply
      muddy mess, which some consider the cause of the breakdown of George Washington.

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