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  • msbhavens1
    May 12, 2007
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      Also of interest, Queen Elizabeth II was inaugerated 17 april 1956,
      shortly before her birthday, with a 26 Leo pluto, It is rather
      plausible that it wont be too long before there is a change there as

      Pluto RX goes back to 26 Sag in september of 2007 before turning
      direct and heading to Capricorn, but notice the dip back into
      Sagitarius in 2008 from june 15th to November 27th. This I think
      makes a large case for one last old generation ruler in the US
      elections possiblY?

      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, "Diana K Rosenberg"
      <fixed.stars@...> wrote:
      > Brian sent
      > >B> It's interesting that you mention Valley Forge, that's where i
      > >completed my training in the operating room. Pluto entered tropical
      > >Capricorn on 8 Jan 1762, conj Mercury, as Saturn and Uranus
      > >conjoined at 5+ Aries. So the ingress of Pluto into Cap in 1762 set
      > >up the energies for overthrow of the existing paradigm (British
      > >Empire) by new ideas with strong humanist vaues. When Pluto enters
      > >Cap in 2009 Saturn in VI will be 180 Uranus in PI. This is likely
      > >I see this as the polarization of traditional culture with the
      > >emergent culture that's really in it's infancy now, if not
      > >The current attempt by the bushies et al foreshadow future attempts
      > >at domination by ambitious would-be dictators.
      > ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
      > This exchange of messages, about Pluto entering Cap, set me thinking
      > about the stars behind the tropical 0 Cap area that Pluto will
      > and what they might tell us.
      > Pluto will get to 0 Cap 00 00 at 2:38 AM UT Jan 26 2008; it will be
      > at RA 18 00, Lat 6N17 which will put it under and just past Cluster
      > above the bow and arrow of the Sagittarius Archer and beneath the
      right hand
      > of Ophiuchus clutching Serpens, the Serpent.
      > The closest moderately bright (i.e. visually accessible) stars here
      > Sinistra Nu Ophiuchi/Serpens right hand 29SA51 (2008)
      > (misnamed, for Sinistra means "left," but this is in the right hand
      > Ophiuchus, grasping Serpens)
      > and
      > Spiculum M20 Trifid Nebula Sagittarius 0CP42 (2008)

      > NGC 6514 diffuse nebula in front of upper part of Archer's bow
      > These give us the major messages of Ophiuchus and Sagittarius, the
      > and the Archer, the
      > healer and the warrior. To the Greeks, Ophiuchus was Aesculapius,
      God of
      > Medicine.
      > It is interesting, in this regard, that with Pluto already in this
      > there have
      > been several news stories about the remarkable progress being made
      > battlefield medicine, and the
      > resulting strain on veterans' medical facilities because of the
      > number of surviving wounded.
      > Here is one paragraph from my book, under Sinistra:
      > Shaman-physician Ophiuchus and his writhing Serpent represent the
      > professions: this was Venus of 16th-century itinerant physician and
      > alchemist Paracelsus (Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombast Von
      > Hohenheim!), Saturn of 18th-century natural historian, anatomist
      and Prof of
      > Medicine Johann Blumenbach, physician-bacteriologist Jules Bordet
      > psychiatrist Alfred Adler, Neptune of 19th-century physician Dr
      > Semmelweiss (in a childbirth clinic where women were dying of
      > fever; he found that if doctors washed their hands before
      delivering babies,
      > the death rate dropped precipitously, thus becoming the discoverer
      > antisepsis (he was ignored and died insane), NNode of physician-
      > Frank M Burnet and pioneer 18th-century educator of deaf-mutes
      > Gallaudet (and this was Mercury and Jupiter of 19th-century Laura
      > made blind, deaf and mute at 2 by scarlet fever; taught to read by
      > she was able to teach others) (Scorpius was considered one of
      the "mute"
      > constellations), SNode of psychiatrist-philosopher-author R D
      Laing, the Sun
      > at the 1971 founding of MSF, Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors
      > Borders), an independent international medical relief agency run by
      > volunteers to aid victims of war, epidemics and disasters; the Moon
      in 1967
      > at the start of the 1st heart transplant in Capetown, SA; Mars
      > at Athens) at the 430 BCE Summer Solstice; in the 2nd year of the
      > Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta a terrible epidemic
      > unknown) devastated the crowded, beseiged citizens of Athens; about
      one half
      > of the population died, causing a total breakdown of morale: "the
      > Plague of Athens undoubtedly contributed to the downfall of the
      > empire," Jupiter in 1948 when, for several days, the coal-mining
      > of Donora, PA suffered a combination of toxic industrial smoke and
      fog that
      > killed 20 and made 6,000 ill, Neptune in 1984 when a CO2 gas burst
      > crater Lake Monoun, Cameroon fatally poisoned 37 villagers, the
      Asc at St
      > George, UT, 135 miles due east of a Nevada nuclear test site, at
      the June,
      > 1954 New Moon when filming started on "The Conqueror;" as of 1984,
      91 of
      > 220 cast and crew (41%) had developed cancer, and most of these
      died -
      > including John Wayne, Susan Hayward, Agnes Moorehead, Pedro
      Armandirez, and
      > director Dick Powell, Jupiter when the World Health Organization
      was founded
      > in 1948, the NNode (cnj Pallas) at the 1955 announcement at Ann
      Arbor, MI
      > that the Salk Polio Vaccine had been found safe and effective: the
      > government immediately ordered mass distribution and inoculations.
      > and the SNode were here, respectively, at the incorporations of
      > pharmaceutical companies Smith Kline and Merck.
      > At the beginning of tropical Cap, which overlays the stars of the
      > Sagittarius Archer, a warrior figure:
      > (positions 2008)
      > Tau Ophiuchi right hand/Serpent's tail 0CP53
      > with Sinistra (29SA), right hand of Ophiuchus gripping the Serpent
      > Red Spider Nebula NGC 6537 Sagittarius 1CP20
      > near top of Archer's bow; the core is "one of the hottest known
      stars in
      > the universe"
      > Al Nasl Gamma Sagittarii arrow tip 1CP22
      > Nushaba;
      > Polaris Australis Sigma Octantis Octant 1CP58
      > dim, but the nearest visible star to the South Celestial Pole
      > I have a paragraph here that relates to war and weaponry (and a 2nd
      > paragraph that continues Ophiuchus' theme)
      > Sagittarius, sacred to Nergal (Mars), was called "The Giant King of
      War" and
      > Al Nasl is the tip of his aimed arrow: this was Mercury and Venus
      of WWI
      > British Adm John R Jellicoe whose particular interest was naval
      > Saturn of his patron, First Sea Lord Adm John Fisher, a fanatic
      champion of
      > improved weapons, weapon training and gunnery practice on ships.
      > humorless, reactionary WWI German Gen'l Erich von Ludendorff
      > anti-semitic, anti-Jesuit) had Jupiter here; this was Saturn of
      > soldier, seaman, journalist and explorer Henry M Stanley (raised in
      a harsh
      > workhouse). According to the Liber Hermetis, the tip of the
      Archer's arrow
      > "makes bowmen" and Ptolemy has it as "harmful;" this was Pluto of
      > Jean-Charles Pichegru, general in the French Revolutionary Wars
      > against Napoleon, found strangled by his cravat - whether suicide
      or murder
      > is uncertain), Asc of US Marine Private Luther Skaggs, WWII Medal
      of Honor
      > winner (although severely wounded, he held a vital position for 8
      > against Japanese assaults), Mars at the Solar Ecl preceding the
      1242 "Battle
      > on the Ice" when Russians under Alexander Nevsky defeated invading
      > Knights, the NNode at the 1415 Battle of Agincourt: 5,000 English
      > (Archers!), outnumbered 3 to 1, devastated heavily-armored French
      cavalry -
      > "one of the great victories of military history," the SNode at a
      total Solar
      > Ecl during a battle at the Halys River in N Central Turkey, 585
      BCE: the
      > day-turned-into-night so terrified the Medes and Lydians that they
      > peace on the spot! This was the MC when Confederate artillery fired
      on Fort
      > Sumter, SC in 1861, starting the US Civil War, Mars at the Aries
      Ingress of
      > 1939, exactly square the Sun (cnj the Vertex at Berlin), presaging
      > which began less than 6 months later, and Mars at the 9/11/2001
      > terrorist hijacked-airliner attacks on the World Trade Center and
      > (the Sun and Uranus had been here at the 1988 Lockerbie plane crash
      > by a terrorist bomb). One of the Archer's epithets in ancient
      > was Pa-Bil-Sag, "Fire-Arrow-Archer" - the tip of his arrow is here:
      this was
      > the NNode at the opening of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when a
      > Spanish archer shot a flaming arrow to light the Olympic torch!
      > Medical concerns of Ophiuchus and his Serpent continue: this was
      Mercury of
      > 19th-century surgeon and physiologist Dr James Paget, one of the
      founders of
      > the science of pathology (one of 18 children - only 8 survived to
      > adulthood), Mars of 19th-century pioneer anaesthesiologist-
      epidemiologist Dr
      > John Snow, famous for his study of the cholera-contaminated London
      > supply, of surgeon and forensic pathologist Dr Joseph Bell, whose
      powers of
      > observation and deduction inspired his student Doyle's literary
      > Sherlock Holmes, chiropractic founder D D Palmer and
      > surgeon-environmentalist Dr David Steinhardt, a specialist in
      > medicine, Jupiter of 17th-century physician-astrologer-herbalist
      > Culpepper (died at 37 of tuberculosis), Saturn of public health
      > Gloria Bertcher (died of Alzheimers) and anthropologist Michael
      Harner, an
      > expert on shamanism (Ophiuchus!), Uranus of behavioral psychologist
      B F
      > Skinner and 15th-century physician-botanist Julius C Scaliger, 18th-
      > physiologist Luigi Galvani and pathologist, hygienist,
      > political leader and archaeologist Dr Karl Virchow, a founder (with
      > of cellular pathology, and 19th-century public health pioneer
      > Nightingale, "founder of modern nursing" who ministered to soldiers
      > the Crimean War (until she undertook her life's mission, wounded
      > were left to either die or heal on their own - virtually nothing
      was done to
      > help them!), NNode of Mohegan medicine woman Gladys Tantaquidgeon,
      > of tribal history and healing skills (lived to 105). This was the
      Sun of
      > 19th-century Laura Bridgman, made blind and deaf at 2 by scarlet
      fever, who
      > was taught to read by touch and was able to teach others, SNode
      of "Three
      > Faces of Eve" subject Chris Sizemore (multiple personalities), MC of
      > psychiatrist, philosopher and author R D Laing. Ptolemy mentioned
      > Archer's Arrow-tip in connection with blindness: Mercury and
      Neptune were
      > here at the 1984 Bhopal, India Union Carbide disaster when deadly
      MIC gas
      > killed more than 3,400 and blinded and crippled 200,000 more
      > (methylisocyanate is so deadly that toxicologists had not dared to
      test it;
      > thus doctors had no guidelines to treat the victims) - "the worst
      > disaster in history" (Serpens: poison). This was the Paris MC of
      the March,
      > 1345 Mars-Jupiter cnj just before the Black Death (bubonic plague)
      > Europe: the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris
      considered this
      > cnj the cause of the great pandemic that killed about 25 million in
      > and untold numbers elsewhere, the NNode in 1955 at the announcement
      that the
      > Salk Polio Vaccine had been found safe an effective: mass
      distribution and
      > inoculations followed immediately.
      > Going over these, it seems to me that Pluto entering this area will
      > a) continue the remarkable gains in battlefield (& by extension)
      > medicine
      > b) encourage deeper research (Pluto) into the psychological
      motivations of
      > warmongers and by extention all killers and aggressors
      > with the possibility of mandated chemical (drug) interventions --
      I'm not
      > saying I favor this, I just think Pluto will bring this more and
      > more to the forefront, and if you read the myth of Aesculapius, you
      will see
      > that his first healing was with an herb
      > c) since the Archer has to do with warfare and weaponry, a TOTAL
      > (already underway, I think) about how wars will be
      > fought in the future. No more massed armies at the border,
      stockpiles of
      > hugely powerful weapons, phalanxes of heavily armored
      > troops etc. These are ineffective against guerrilla fighters - so
      > ultrasophisticated spy gadgets, electronic
      > monitoring, small, highly-trained units of infiltrators, and pre-
      > encampments that can be flown in, set up, barricaded, and used
      > as central HQ's for actions and raids are the probable wave of the
      > (And see that little Red Spider Nebula? They are working
      > on tiny mechanical "spy bugs" that can fly in and sit on a wall, or
      > over a battle zone unnoticed!)
      > d) Since a key word for Pluto is "drastic" and Pluto = plutocrats,
      > will be more and more of a recognition that the world is not
      > run by governments, but by corporations. And some of the huge
      > will simply side-step rules and regulations and set up
      > "corpornations" of their own. Whether governments, as they are now
      > constituted, can compete or deal with this is yet to be seen.
      > Comments?
      > Love, Diana
      > Website: http://ye-stars.com
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