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3009Re: Bees-Colony Collapse Disorder-the Beehive Cluster

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  • msbhavens1
    Mar 1, 2007
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      okay not exactly astrology, but since I'm rather fond of bees, some
      weird tidbits I've picked up on keeping them OUT of the house.

      one, if you have a room you feel is bee friendly, burn insence in
      there on a regular basis and the bees will stay away, they hate

      or Two, you can take a lesson from the southwest and paint ceiling
      and windows and doors Turquise. Bees and wasps wont nest there. not
      certain why, though I've heard lots of theories, they just wont. if
      you aren't fond of brilliant turquoise, the insence ought to do it...


      --- In thefixedstars@yahoogroups.com, Trishmare7@... wrote:
      > That's interesting Mark--because with us, the main problem has
      > honeybees. We even had a colony swarm into an unused room in the
      house once and for
      > days and days afterwards, there were lone bees buzzing in the
      windows and
      > rafters. As a result of the bee troubles, I developed an absolute
      loathing of
      > honeybees (I was getting stung all the time--stepping on a bee
      that had got
      > into the house, sitting on one, etc.) and I can't even say "at
      least they give
      > us honey" because I detest honey as well. Not that I blamed the
      > were just doing what comes natural to bees (and of course they're
      > pollinators). Always used non-lethal methods of getting rid of
      them when that
      > was possible. Husband never got stung, and as I said, Praesepe
      aligns with
      > his ascendant. (He loves honey--but then, he loves any kind of
      sugar ... Venus
      > is on his Ascendant too ...).
      > Is there a star more closely connected with wasps? (Wasps, I've
      never minded
      > nearly as much as bees).
      > Trish
      > In a message dated 2/28/2007 5:50:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > mahtezcatpoc@... writes:
      > I get wasps nesting in the vents and crevices at my house all the
      > time. Maybe there's a Praesepe connection there (or maybe it's
      > something else more closely connected to wasps, because it's
      > wasps, never honeybees).
      > Mark A. Holmes
      > --- In _thefixedstars@thefixedstarthe_
      > , Trishmare7@, Tri
      > >
      > >
      > > Of course Diana! And thanks for all the great information on the
      > Beehive
      > > Cluster. Want to hear something funny? My husband's ascendant
      > is 7°30' Leo,
      > > and we had a 20 year long battle with honeybees making nests in
      > the walls of
      > > our house. Seems like every year we'd have to drive a colony out
      > of yet a new
      > > location. We also have an unusual number (I think it's unusual
      > anyway) of
      > > wasp colonies on our 10 acre horse farm. The wasps I leave
      > alone, as long as
      > > they're not nesting in the house or barn. Would've left the bees
      > alone too,
      > > if they'd have nested somewhere other than the house.
      > >
      > > Love,
      > > Trish
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