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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Feb 15, 2007
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      Molly Ivins

      Mark sent


      Pollux (Beta Geminorum)

      Pollux is one of the most aggressive stars in the sky - here's what I have
      in the Workbook: (position is 1980)

      Pollux  Beta Geminorum   head of Pollux 22CA56  6 41    28 05   7 44    1.14    K0 III

      What’s Out There?? Key word: discovery: physical &/or mental exploration; determination to be first, to pioneer, to originate, explore possibilities in chosen field. Adventurous, they are keen observers of the social environment; tend to be dictatorial. Some study economics, “big money,” and its effect on people, or become businessmen. Artists, playwrights, filmmakers; mythology, imagery. Discoveries of ancient texts. Issues: bondage vs freedom, respect, dignity; force vs reason; violent vs non-violent; also, sibling and brotherhood themes, issues. Multiple births. Possible imprisonment. Assassinations, invasions, invasion attempts, great historic battles.

      original, pioneering    adventurous             domineering, bullying
      instinct to explore, try new things     impatient, reformers    believe in use of force
      high-spirited, take initiatives tough, demanding        murderous
      artistically talented   feisty, aggressive      possible violent death

      It made the lady feisty - bless her soul!

      Love, Diana

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