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2435Brazil plane crash

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  • Diana K Rosenberg
    Oct 1, 2006
      Brazil plane crash

      These are e-mails from the Political Astrology list that I thought
      others might like to see.

      Antonio sent:

      Re: Brazilian crash data
          Posted by: "Antonio Harres" kauborealis@... kauborealis
          Date: Sat Sep 30, 2006 5:32 pm (PDT)

      03:35 hs PM  Manaus - Take Off
      04:48 hs PM  Off Radar Screen - Sao Felix - Mato Grosso
      The crashed airplane entered in service 09/12

      Gol Airlines
      Incorporated 08/01/2000
      First fight     01/15/2001 from Brasilia to Sao Paulo

      First GOL flight from Manaus to Rio
      10/01/2002 - 01:50 AM Take Off

      There is no data available about the Legacy Jet take off from Sao Jose dos Campos, Sao Paulo state.

      Antonio Harres
      Thank you Antonio!

      I always try to get the scheduled take-off times of crashes because that is where
      the fate of the aircraft usually shows.

      Here there is the actual take-off time but not the scheduled time.

      At first I did not see the problem - yes, there's the Moon square Venus (ruler 8th) and 
      Pluto square the Nodes, but is this enough to predict disaster?

      I tried earlier times, guessing what the scheduled take-off time might have been - anywhere
      from 3 to 3:30, perhaps; there you would have had the IC at Algol, then the Pleiades, both
      harbingers of disaster;  (the IC is the 1st thing I look at, because that rules "the final physical
      outcome of the matter")

      But even if we stick strictly to the actual take-off, 4 Gemini is on the IC - that's the Hyades
      cluster which can be quite brutal (and, by the way, it's the highest-scoring fixed star area for blindness!) And anything at 4 degrees of the mutable signs hits the heliocentric Nodes of Neptune, and the Moon-Pluto conjunction is on this same axis, The take-off Asc was 0 Pisces 43, which means that Transpluto at 28 Leo 06 was cnj the Desc, which according to Barbara Watters, rules "encounters along the way" - in this case a collision.  While working on the chart, I realized that right now we have Hades-Kronos = Aries!  Charles Emerson used to say that Hades-Kronos = elevators, because Hades was "down below" and Kronos was "height" or "above"-- obviously we can relate this to airplanes as well.

      But I still did not see a clear-and-obvious danger here, so I went ahead and ran a chart for the "off the radar"
      time and place, and Oh Boy, does that tell the tale!  All 4 angles were at 29 - 58 of the mutables: 29 Pisces 58 rising (star Scheat, "extreme misfortune"), the 29 Sag 20 Moon culminating, the 29 Virgo 19 Venus cnj the Desc, cnj the Vertex ("things out of control in the environment") at 0 Libra 02 - so there's your collision - see Barbara Watters, above.  And the IC? Bracketed by Hades and Kronos - the IC was 29 Gemini 58 - the exact Hades - Kronos midpoint was 0 Libra 07.  At both the take-off and the crash, Mercury ruled the IC; Mercury was 135 Uranus, co-ruler of the take-off 12th (the other 12th ruler, Saturn, was semi-square the Sun, and both were on the axis of the nodes of Uranus).  And Jupiter, co-chart ruler at both take-off and crash was 18 Scorpio 16, on the heliocentric SNode of Mercury, square Neptune, the other ruler.

      Those late degrees of signs (last 3-5 degrees, usually) are in the terms of either Mars or Saturn, in the Table of Dignities given by Lilly: in this case it was Gemini, Virgo and Sag crash angles in the terms of Mars, Pisces Asc in the terms of Saturn.  So at the take-off, both Venus (ruler 8th) and the Moon were in the dangerous terms of Mars.

      So sad.

      Again, many thanks, Antonio.  May I send this to Astrolife and the Uranian list?

      Love, Diana
      Antonio sent:

      Re: Brazilian crash
          Posted by: "Antonio Harres" kauborealis@... kauborealis
          Date: Sun Oct 1, 2006 6:07 am (PDT)

      Hi Diana,

      The flight was scheduled for 03:30 PM.
      Thank you!

      The one major change was the Asc-Desc axis, which were
      29 Aquar 26 - 29 Leo 26 (both in the terms of Mars);
      this means that the rulers were Saturn (w/Uranus) and the Sun.

      Both were (are) in poor cosmic state, were semi-square each other,
      and on the axis of the nodes of Uranus (please note that Saturn is now
      opposite 9/11's Uranus - just realized that!)  If you prefer Uranus as
      the only ruler of Aquarius, it was, as I mentioned, 135 Mercury, ruler

      The solstice point of the Sun was 23 Pisces 29, cnj /opposing Nodes and
      square Pluto;

      By the way, that position of Mercury is aligned with an obsolete constellation
      "Robur Carolinum" - "Charles' Oak" which was made out of dim stars of Argo Navis.
      I always keep it in mind because it's the only tree in the sky.  Here it is
      interesting because Mercury rules the final outcome, and they landed in the jungle!

      I just remembered that Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson wrote that anything in the
      last degree of a sign denoted someone "at the end of his rope"
      or something "on the way out," and one example of this that I remember
      was the lunation that preceded JFK's assassination - Mercury ruled the
      MC at Washington, and Mercury was in the 3rd at 29 Scorpio.

      Love, Diana

      PS: Antonio has also sent data on the airlines and the pilots - if anyone wants
      it, let me know.

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