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2123Cannibal Attack

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  • Astrocalypse
    Jul 17, 2006

      Not much more information on the update but at least we now have a name:-


      CANNIBAL attack victim Doug Morgan almost died from shock after his crazed attacker started eating him alive, police said yesterday.

      Doug, 75, — who recently had a triple heart bypass — had his thumb bitten off and chunks chewed from his body.

      He was still in a serious but stable condition in hospital last night after the bizarre attack.

      A police source said: “There was a fear his heart might not stand it. He was very ill.”

      Our front page yesterday told how a laughing maniac leaped through an open lounge window in the early hours of Monday as Doug and his wife Val, 72, went to bed.

      Brave Doug fought back as the cannibal — believed to have called at the cottage earlier saying he was a Jehovah’s Witness — ate his thumb then bit off a nipple.

      A cop was also bitten at the home in Lyonshall, near Hereford.

      Last night pal Derek Williams, 83, described the couple as “lovely”.

      JAN Ometac, 27, has been charged with attempted murder. The Slovakian was remanded to a mental unit.

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