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  • papa_lazarou4
    i m bored so i m just gonna write down my favouritist quotes. TED:I ll just knock very quietly on the door. DOUGAL:right. So s you won t wake them
    Message 1 of 122 , Apr 26, 2001
      i'm bored so i'm just gonna write down my
      favouritist quotes.<br><br>TED:I'll just knock very quietly
      on the door.<br>DOUGAL:right. So's you won't wake
      them up.<br>TED:no, i'll have to wake them up so they
      can let us in<br>DOUGAL-shouldn't you just knock
      loudly then?<br><br>"He tripped on a paving slab and one
      of his knecaps fell off"<br><br>"sheep, like all
      wool bearing animals, instinctively travel North,
      where it's cold and won't be so stuffy"<br><br>"Can
      i've this duck?!"<br><br>TED-not unless you have any
      sheep tea, ha ha ha.<br>MRS
      DOYLE-yes.<br>TED-what?<br>MRS DOYLE-i do have some sheep tea in the kitchen.
    • la_yuya5528
      I ve discovered Father Ted last march on a Father Ted Marathon that BBC America broadcasted. It wasn t until May of this year that I really got hooked! I
      Message 122 of 122 , Jul 14, 2003
        I've discovered Father Ted last march on a Father Ted Marathon that
        BBC America broadcasted.

        It wasn't until May of this year that I really got hooked! I became
        a Ted Head overnight.

        But the saddest part was when I found out that Dermot Morgan passed 5
        years ago.......it broke my heart. What a loss for all of us, his
        family and friends as well....

        Anyway, I'm glad that I have the DVD's. I've had some Father Ted
        Nights at home and introducing the series to a lot of my friends.
        Not only that they laughed big time, they also bought the DVD's as

        So don't be surprised if you see some posts placed by me....you can
        count on that.

        Best regards,
        La Yuya

        --- In thefathertedclub@yahoogroups.com, jay4jen wrote:
        > i'm a member of a few clubs, two of 'em are
        > deadly, non stop posting etc etc, and the rest have well,
        > not so much action. i don't want this one to go that
        > way cos its the one i only really wanna be part
        > of...i love father ted more than red dwarf and
        > eastenders put together!<br><br>twas on last
        > night...speed3...gas it was. i love pat mustard, great putting
        > burgess [the snapper] in that role, perfect! "i have to
        > yank meself off round the clock cos i haven't got any
        > proper sex with girls" lol<br><br>i've only ever met
        > brendan grace, but he did star in my favourite episode
        > ever where jack gets sent off to jurassic park, that
        > one is just pure comedy genius. <br><br>to this day
        > dermot morgan is one of my idols...i was so upset when
        > he died, coming up to what 4 years now...omg!! i
        > went to his funeral, it was good cos the priest and
        > some of the speakers made the congregation
        > laugh.<br><br>does anyone know if its possible to get a full box set
        > of father ted, i've searched and searched and i've
        > one question...WHY NOT!!! father ted is the funniest
        > comedy ever and i'm comparing that with only fools and
        > horses and red dwarf to name but a few.<br><br>well i
        > think i've established i love father ted...hope it will
        > spark off some interest in the other members and get ye
        > all posting...don't let this club die like the other
        > father ted clubs ... go on post!!
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