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RE Barack Obama,'the surge', and the Republican deception

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  • sanfranciscojim1
    Theft and deception is a survival instinct in almost all sentient species. this behavior in humans, where one party tries to defeat another in some respect
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2008
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           Theft and deception is a survival instinct in almost all sentient species.  this behavior in humans, where one party tries to defeat another in some respect through deception and cunning, may include lying or obfuscation, the old 'red herring' trick of distraction. in this case, some Republicans are using the faulty logic that Barack's opposition to the Iraq invasion was wrong because we are now 'winning' the war. and now Barack has been caught up in this illogic and has been cornered into saying he would still oppose 'the surge'.

            The question of 'the surge' is irrelevant to the original question of the validity of the invasion, or 'could we have done something differently?'. The discussion of the 'surge' is the unrelated subject, the 'red herring' of distraction in this debate.

           What Barack needs to clearly articulate is this: Although the invasion of Iraq was an inferior course of action, since we ignited the fire of tribal violence in Iraq, it is now our obligation to put it out. this will involve his admission that 'the surge' was the correct action necessary to correct the horrible mistake made by the Republican administration to invade Iraq. this does not excuse or rationalize the lethally faulty judgement to invade.

            It is my opinion that at this point Barack has been snared in the Republican net of  semi-intentional (instinctual) deception, and needs to understand this in order to break free from their trap.

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