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Lucifer's – The State Of The Infernal Region Address

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  • Mark
    Greetings everyone - I m new here! I have my first book coming out in January 2005 called Empire s Sanitarium. Its about a kingdom ruled by Lucifer. Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2004
      Greetings everyone - I'm new here!

      I have my first book coming out in January 2005 called "Empire's
      Sanitarium." Its about a kingdom ruled by Lucifer. Please enjoy
      one of my additional writings from my book. I'm a tattooed fan of
      extreme metal.

      Take care,
      Mark R. Sosa

      Lucifer's – The State Of The Infernal Region Address
      By: Mark R. Sosa
      Death's Door @ www.death777.com
      Copyright 2003

      "My vision of HELL"

      Apocalyptic Architecture - "Gargantuan Electric Human Meat Grinder"

      "In The Round" apocalyptic amphitheater
      Of blasphemous maniacal vocalizations
      Chain sawed adolescent skulls outline supremely
      This unimaginable architecture for the chosen nocturnal deity
      The center stage holocaust exhibition
      A gargantuan electric human meat grinder
      The master regurgitating floor insulator
      That thrusts those carcasses who've taken freely
      The Revelation's mark of the beast
      As chosen black sheep of Christianity
      Experiencing maliciously their timely demise
      Beheaded, shredded, and then desecrated
      Surpassing the end of time

      The North – "Salivating Demon Possessed Pit Bulls"

      To the north a see-through glass room
      Exhibits those guardians who've cast away their offspring
      Lying defenseless on the cold floor of unpredictability
      Salivating demon-possessed pit bulls are unleashed
      Clinching on each of their ankles and wrists to secure immobility
      Then a conveyor belt discharges piece by piece
      Abortion remains to revive in their hollowed minds
      All the valueless scars they've so selfishly left behind

      The South – "Chopping Blocks of Maximum Amputation"

      To the south pornography's sexual persecution
      Atop chopping blocks of maximum amputation
      The hole, the opening tip of manhood's overly extended virility
      Shall be held fastened and then high torque drilled
      Using one bit with ferocious rupturing abilities
      Next the vaginal cavity shall be separated
      By contaminated extra thick, metal fishing hooks
      Used as instruments of death and brutality
      Then a hand-held steel grater with razor sharp teeth
      Is inserted and then removed in an accelerated fashion
      To inescapably disfigure the womanhood's excitability
      Internal human flesh fastens itself
      Like 10 year dried-up corpses in a war torn mortuary

      The East – "The Quicksand Landfill of Cannibal Fishes - Piranhas"

      To the east the ever-present creeping quicksand landfill
      Full of schools of merciless cannibal fishes, the piranha
      Dissecting on contact the submerged fleshly appendages
      Of all present-day invokers who adhere
      To the black arts of incantation
      Reverted spells once to intentionally puncture another's soul
      Now presents in flawless animation
      Their own Hell daunting damnation

      The West – "Gasoline and Anal Blowtorches"

      Slayer's "God Hates Us All" plays unceasingly to the west
      Directly outside the spiritually famished concentration camps
      Where all partake of one big swig of gasoline
      To secrete the inner linings of their naked, blood soaked flesh
      Onto the highly flammable showers where when done soaking
      Anal blowtorches detonate upon impact
      Some in line from close quarter apprehension
      Gulp their own dry mouth tongues
      For a quicker suicidal solution

      Marilyn Manson – "Anti-Christ Superstar Prelude"

      Blackest greetings from me the Antichrist Superstar
      Live from carnalities capital – Hell
      Tonight we unite as beastly brethren
      Baptized in the blood of iniquity
      To marvel at the live "in the round" martyred souls
      Persuaded by the phantoms of their fiery furnace illusions and
      To hear in its entirety
      Lucifer's State Of The Infernal Region Address

      The Angel of Death – "Opening Act"

      A human body casket shaped sandbox
      Where all victorious sexual predators
      Are chained by their waist cavity above ground
      To the coffins of their prey underground
      The Angel of Death arrives in a black hooded trench coat
      His pupils of dried blood are in the formation of a sinister smile
      Sent to strategically insert mini-chisels under both
      The fingernails and toenails of these statutory rapists
      Then uninterrupted "finishing hammer" flesh breakage begins
      Smashing until agony wailing echoes through
      The rejoicing ears of the innocent dirt nappers
      Then the Angel of Death exposes his skeletal vacantness
      To this now valueless impaired misfit
      The "fierce snake" is then vomited forth
      From his bellybutton region
      Immediately injecting in the jugular vein
      The world's most toxic venom
      Sexless misfit now extinct

      Lucifer – "The State Of Infernal Region Address"

      I've spent lifetimes since my dissension
      From the celestial regions of Heaven
      Unceasingly castrating, manipulating, poisoning, and tempting
      The sane brainwaves of humankind with one irreligious outcome
      To form a military allegiance
      On planet Earth solely unto myself
      Of salvation hatred kamikazes with newly formed
      Cranial psychotic thought processes
      Within the nocturnal trenches of sobriety
      To the outcasts of contemporary society
      I've offered every pleasurable vice
      Souls of frozen faith to mate in the awaiting abyss
      All world religions and idols shall be detonated
      By the unstoppable atomic bomb kiss
      Self inducing PCP injections heighten coma nightmares
      Of monstrous violent hallucinations of warfare
      Facial discoloration paint
      Covers the naked canvas flesh expression
      My puppets of the infernal infantry
      Blasphemic war chants unite from every country
      To soothe my ears of chromosomal alteration
      Your infernal inheritance I have saved
      To the north, south, east or west you shall be placed
      Or the Angel of Death shall appear and choose your fate
      All in all, human disintegration is why I exist
      Your everlasting spiritual crucifixion I shall not dismiss
      Loved one's memories banished here in perdition
      Your blinded eyes within
      Fail miserably to repress
      Your mortal addiction to sin
      I'm Lucifer, the holocaust narrator of this
      My "State Of The Infernal Region Address"
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