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Emptiness of Rebirth

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    TheDailyEnlightenment.comToday Thu 22/06/01 ______________________________ Realization: The Emptiness of Rebirth Is rebirth a curse or a blessing? To those
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      TheDailyEnlightenment.comToday    Thu 22/06/01
      Realization: The Emptiness of Rebirth
      Is rebirth a curse or a blessing?
      To those who crave "eternal" life,
      in unending becoming,
      in the fear of death,
      it is a blessing.
      To those who find becoming,
      in reliving and re-dying irksome,
      in the yearning for annihilation of self,
      it is a curse.
      To those who find comfort
      in having all the time in the world
      to perfect themselves,
      or to party on till they tire,
      in the constant promise of a new day,
      rebirth is a blessing.
      To those who find dissatisfaction
      in having all the time in the world
      to live and die time and again in a vicious cycle,
      rebirth is a curse.
      So are you blessed or cursed
      by the reality of rebirth?
      Is rebirth in reality a curse or a blessing?
      the cycle of birth and death,
      is empty of any intrinsic characteristics-
      just as the rising and setting of the sun,
      and the waxing and waning of the moon,
      is not in itself a blessing or a curse.
      Beauty and ugliness,
      blessedness and cursed-ness
      lies in the eye of the beholder, the experiencer.
      And as long as the seer does not have perfect unbiased vision,
      all sights are distorted,
      contortions of the reality.
      Flinching in disgust of rebirth
      does not break you free from it towards True Happiness.
      Neither does loving it
      bring you True Happiness.
      For life and death are but alternating states,
      changing constantly,
      never still enough for you to be a steady beacon,
      or anchor of True Happiness.
      True Happiness
      is only found in Enlightenment,
      which is attained
      only in a state beyond the duality
      of birth and death,
      of craving for existence or annihilation,
      of disgust for existence or annihilation.
      Thus the wise lives on graciously,
      knowing death might strike any time,
      most ungraciously,
      as he advances graciously,
      not too anxiously or lazily,
      towards Enlightenment in his practice,
      by learning to let go
      of both life and death,
      instead of hanging on to either one-
      simply because he knows it can't be done.
      If you only let go of life,
      all you have is a death-wish.
      If you only let go of death,
      all you have is a fantasy of immortality.
      If only you let go of both life and death,
      will you taste the transcendental,
      True Happiness, a.k.a. Enlightenment.
      Now back to the original question
      which matters most-
      to you-
      Is Rebirth a curse or a blessing-
      to you?
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