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09.02.11 : Learn & Practise | Reflections From ‘Cl eaning’ A Bodhisattva | Eating Salt | Inception: What If t he Top Doesn't Stop

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      The Daily Enlightenment
       Quote: Learn & Practise

      One who claims to know
      the rationale of a Dharma teaching,
      but does not practise it
      does not truly know the rationale of the Dharma yet.

      [The Buddhadharma is not just for learning,
      but for practice, realisation and sharing too.]

      - Stonepeace | Comment | More 

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       Realisation: Reflections From ‘Cleaning’ A Bodhisattva

      What, why and how
      you do anything
      reflects a part of you.

      I should do this more, but I spring-clean the Avalokiteshvara (Guanshiyin) Bodhisattva image on the shrine at home only once a year. (The saving grace is that I do it quite thoroughly.) It’s a fantastic spiritual practice for training mindfulness and reverence in action, and ideal for cultivating all-angled visualisation of magnificent enlightened forms! While cleaning, a few reflections came to mind.

      Embodiment of compassion
      Ready to stand up for action
      Yet also resting at peace

      Carved from a block of wood
      Like Buddha-nature embedded within the ordinary
      Its full potential arising
      An island upon oneself who offers refuge

      On the island of the Buddhadharma as true refuge
      In the tumultuous sea of Samsara 

      With a foot upon a pure lotus
      Never defiled by the world
      Even as she treads into the world of dusts

      Pictures & poems continue here...

      Who are you other than
      what, why and how
      you do everything?


      Shen Shi'an | Comment | More 
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       Excerpt: Eating Salt

      If eating or fasting leads to enlightenment,
      the greediest and the hungriest would long be enlightened.

      - Stonepeace

      A long time ago, a fool was invited to a neighbor’s house to share a meal. Once the food was served, the fool was displeased because he found the food tasteless. His neighbor noticed this and immediately sought to remedy the situation by offering the fool some salt. 

      After the fool sprinkled a bit of salt onto his food and took a bite, he said to himself, ‘The salt has really made the food quite tasty. If such a small amount of salt has had such an effect, just imagine what a lot of salt will do!’ To his neighbor’s astonishment, he pushed his meal to the side and began to eat the salt all by itself. Of course, it wasn’t long before the foolish man had burned his mouth, and instead of being delighted he groaned in pain.

      A person who misconstrues the Way of Understanding is just like this fool. He hears that by eating and drinking less, the Way may be gained, and so he fasts for seven or even fifteen days. He ends up starving himself in vain and realizes nothing of the Way. Consider this carefully and you’ll find it is so.

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      A Flock of Fools: Ancient Buddhist Tales of Wisdom and Laughter from the One Hundred Parable Sutra
      Translated and retold by Kazuaki Tanahashi and Peter Levitt
      Get it at Amazon


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